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Remembering 9/11/01: A view from Brooklyn

It’s been about ten years since I really talked about that day.  It was an awful day and I would like to just forget it sometimes, but that’s impossible considering all the conspiracy theories, memorials, and the fact that as the tenth anniversary closes in there is no escaping it.  Even just looking at the clock and noticing that I tend to always look at it when the time is 9:11, it just creeps me out.  I don’t like talking about it or even thinking about it because it just seems wrong because it’s such a macabre story.  I suppose it’s finally time to face it though.

It was 8:50 a.m. on a clear Tuesday morning and I was driving along the Belt Parkway/Shore Parkway in Brooklyn, New York.  I was headed to work.  The company that I worked for at the time had an office space in the Army Terminal which was just south and right across the river from the southern tip of Manhattan where the towers were located.  As I came around the curve of the Parkway I noticed smoke coming from the North Tower.  I remember thinking how awful that there was a fire in the tower.  I didn’t yet know that it was caused by a plane crashing into it.

I arrived at the office just before 9:00 a.m. and as soon as I got inside Continue reading

Insomnia and the Late Night Infomercial Addiction

My mother, my sister and I have an addiction.  We are all addicted to infomercials.  I believe that my mother’s addiction, and mine, is due to insomnia.  We have always had trouble either getting to sleep or staying asleep.  To pass the time during those wee hours of the night/morning we watch television, cook or clean.  As we all know the only thing on TV at 3:00 am are infomercials about useless products at inflated prices.  These are the same items that you find in stores weeks later with the little “As Seen On TV” sticker on them for half the price, but still not worth even that much.

These items are usually pitched by professional pitchmen such as the late great Billy Mays (pictured below) or his rival Continue reading