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Now Taking Bets

I’ve decided to play a little game with Skaterboi.  I cut TEN  inches of my hair off yesterday.  It is noticeably shorter.  He has not said a word about it.  I’m not going to say anything about it to him.  I’m waiting on him to say something.  How long do you think it will take him to say something, if ever?

I figure I’ll hold off on coloring it black to see what happens.  If after a week he hasn’t said anything I’ll color it and then see how long it takes him to say something about that.

I’m gonna wash, I mean cut, that man right out of my hair!

You asked for it so here it is.  Pics of my new haircut.  I did it all by myself.  And yes, that’s my natural color, although it looks a little redder than usual.  Red on the head, fire in the bed!  LOL  Oh well, gonna dye it black later anyway.

That was a hard pic to take too.  Weird angle.  I still may need to go get the back fixed up a little.  It came out kind of choppy, but if fixed right it looks ok for now.

I can’t show you the front view because, well, then you’d know who Ginger Channing really is! LOL