I’m Posting every week in 2011!

I’ve decided to hop on the WordPress 2011 Blog-a-Week bandwagon and blog more often.  Rather than just thinking about doing it, I’m starting now.  I will be posting on this blog once a week for all of 2011.

I know it won’t be easy, but it might be fun, inspiring, awesome and wonderful. Therefore I’m promising to make use of The DailyPost, and the community of other bloggers with similar goals, to help me along the way, including asking for help when I need it and encouraging others when I can.

If you already read my blog, I hope you’ll encourage me with comments and likes, and good will along the way.



I got a feeling. Two things you should never say to a woman in bed.

Two things you should never say to a woman in bed.

1.      Never say “I love you” for the first time when you laying in bed with a woman, either during sex or pre- or post-coital.  It just makes it seem less sincere.  Of course I’m a wonderful lover and you either are about to have some damn good sex, or you already did, but come on guys, at least try to make it romantic.  I tend not to believe that a guy is really in love with me when he says that at that particular moment.  And definitely don’t say it right before sex because then it just sounds like you’re trying to get in my pants, and that’s just sad.

My first husband told me that he loved me for the first time while in bed, post-coital.  It was not romantic and I honestly didn’t believe him at the time.

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Pay attention at 1:21. LOL

My friend told me today that he wasn’t sure if he could hang out anymore because he’s seeing a girl and wasn’t sure how that would go over and because she’s there pretty much at his place all the time now and he didn’t want me to feel uncomfortable.  I told him it would be on a “just friends” basis anyway and we’re supposed to finish up a business project that we started also.  However, I told him to forget it if it was going to be that much of a problem.

I do feel sorry for the new girl, whoever she is, because I know it won’t last.  He’ll eventually fuck her over like he does every other woman he gets involved with.  He actually told me once that he fucked another woman on his fifth-wife’s birthday, while they were still married.  That’s a pretty shitty thing to do even for a lying deceiving man-whore like himself.  I can completely understand why she is so bitter towards him now and why she asks him for money all the time.  Of course being the ball-less wimp that he is he gives it to her even though they have been divorced for a year.  He’s now working on his sixth divorce.  That one didn’t last but maybe two weeks before the lady left him while he was at work and she moved back to the state Continue reading

Top 5 strange search terms

Top 5 search terms that have brought people to my blog:

  1. virginity confession
  2. dating preacher’s daughter
  3. i guess she’s an x box and i’m more atari
  4. preachers daughter confessions
  5. fucking the preachers daughter

I can understand number 3 because it’s a popular song and people like me type in part of the lyrics that they remember in order to find the song title.  It’s “Fuck You” by the way & it’s my new favorite song.

Number 2 is sort of understandable also.  If a boy/man is dating a preacher’s daughter or thinking about doing so, he is wise to research the subject.  Preacher’s daughter’s aren’t the most transparent of people.  We can be hard to read and even harder to understand.

Number 1 is also not too surprising. There are probably a lot of young ‘uns looking to find out about first sexual experiences or creepy old guys that are just into virgins. Well, maybe they aren’t all creepy. My first was 12 years older than me & he was great.

Number 4 – preachers daughter confessions. Now this one does kind of disturb me even though it’s what I write about. What is the obsession that guys have with preacher’s daughters? We’re human just like everyone else. I understand all the stereotypes because I could be the PK poster child, but still, how did these stereotypes even get started about PKs? I’ve known many PKs that are now in the ministry themselves.

Finally number 5. Fucking the preachers daughter. Really? Again, what’s the appeal here? Are guys just wanting to test God to see what exactly it takes to be struck by lightning? Is it a forbidden fruit thing? Or maybe the appeal of turning a good girl bad? Most of us are capable of going bad all on our own. I know I didn’t need much help.

I’d love some feedback on all of this because personally, when I was in high school guys barely even noticed me or so it seemed. I later learned that people saw me as either stuck-up or a goody-goody & many of my classmates didn’t even know I was a preacher’s daughter. I had to learn how to be bad all on my own. It wasn’t pre-programmed into me just because I was a preacher’s kid.

By the way i’m writing this via WordPress for BlackBerry so please forgive my casual ramblings. I’m still stuck at the Preacher’s house & bored as hell. But alas my medicine is kicking in & I must say goodnight to you.

Peace be with you. And with you. And hopefully with the wonderful lover you just satisfied & who is sleeping soundly next to you. As for me, it’ll be a few days before i’m in my lover’s arms again. Goodnight & sweet dreams.

10 Things That Turn Me On

HOWITALLHAPPENED has sort of turned me on to the idea of lists, such as her suggestion #16. 10 things that turn me off.  I like the idea of lists…always have.  I try to be an organized person, but life usually gets in the way.  So I’m hoping that by making some of my own lists on here I can begin to change that a little.

So here’s my first list.  I’m going to start with a relatively simple one so that I won’t lose interest right away.  I think I not only have a touch of OCD but also ADD.  😉

10 things that turn me on (in no particular order)

  1. A man that smells good.  This one just makes me want to attack a guy.  Good personal hygiene is a necessity.
  2. A man that can make me laugh.  Make me laugh & it’s impossible for me to be mad at you.
  3. A man that actually listens to me.  Of course this is probably on every woman’s list.
  4. Honesty.  I know that’s hard to believe considering I haven’t always been the most honest person, but when someone is honest with me it’s somehow easier for me to be honest with them.
  5. A sharp-dressed man.  Yes, just like in the song.  Even ZZ Top with their long crazy beards know that a sharp suit can make a woman squirm.
  6. An intelligent man.  Yes, I love geeks & nerds.  This kind of connects back to #2.  If a guy is smart & witty & knows how to make me laugh then pull out the condoms, because I’m probably ready Freddie.
  7. A man that is confident without being narcissistic or obnoxious.  One time I actually had a really cute guy that I was talking to online blow up at me because I turned him down.  He said that I must be “one of those ugly people that only liked ugly people.”  Granted he was only about 25 and obviously a completely egotistical moron, but he must not get turned down often, because he didn’t take it well at all.  And I was extremely polite and as nice as possible in how I handled it.  His attitude was completely uncalled for.
  8. A man who is a real gentleman.  Guys, this will get you so far with me.  I love being treated like a princess and I’m not talking about having a guy buy me things.  I’m talking about how a guy talks to me and is respectful towards me.  A man who does things like opens doors for me and calls me sweet names such as baby, sugar, honey, etc.  Quite possibly this is because I’m Southern and grew up around real Southern Gentlemen.  They have MANNERS and that is a huge turn-on.
  9. A good kisser.  Not too aggressive, not too soft or slobbery, but just right.Tongue is good but not all the time.  Passionate kisses are what get my juices flowing.  Kiss me like you just found your long-lost soul mate, even if I’m not her.
  10. My final turn-on is a man that is not judgmental.  If you can’t handle the fact that I have a past and am not a virgin, then move along.  I don’t judge and I don’t wish to be judged.  I’m leaving that up to God.

So there’s my first list.  Feel free to comment & thanks for reading!