A Stalker of My Own

Remember what I said in my last post about wanting to notice the little things more?  Well, this proves I have a long way to go, but I’m getting there.

Mississippi-Natchez-Trace-Parkway-fall-foliageIt was the fall of 2012.  I was living in Bumfuck, Mississippi.  Boredom had set in once again and I took to the internet for entertainment.  It was a little website called Plenty of Fish.  I started talking to Woody.  At first he reminded me of Art, but as we talked I realized that he was more of a country version of Art.  He was artsy and cool, but he is also a very tall handsome former marine who likes to hunt & fish.

We talked for a while, but it never worked out so that we could meet.  He lived an hour and a half from Bumfuck, so it was difficult to work it out.  Then, of course, I met Teacher and then my car died.  So that was pretty much the end of that.

Fast forward a year and a half or so to about a month ago.

I’m newly single, back on the dating websites, and thinking back.  Thinking back to a guy I used to talk to who seemed very cool, Woody.  I checked my phone to see if I still had his number.  I didn’t have it anymore.  I checked POF to see if his profile was still up.  It wasn’t.  So my search ended there.

Anyway, I decided to go back on Plenty of Fish a couple of weeks ago and while perusing the profiles I saw one that had viewed my profile and even though it didn’t have a picture, I decided to read it.  It was hilarious in a very sarcastic funny kind of way, so I added the profile as a favorite thinking that maybe I’d send it to my sister later.

Just over a week ago I went to the local watering hole to hear Teacher sing and play, and to just have some drinks with friends.  Most of the night I sat out on the patio with my friend DC.  She’s a very talented artist who has a studio here in town.  While she and I were on the patio talking, a man walked up and asked me if he could borrow my lighter.  I let him use mine, then he handed it back.  Before he walked off he sort of paused and smiled.  I didn’t think much of it other than “damn, he’s cute.”  But DC and I were talking so I just continued with our conversation after he left.

Tonight I was looking at POF again and I got a message.

“Hey its me Woody. What da heck happened with you and Teacher?  It was hard not to talk to you at that Thursday gig. I borrowed your lighter though.  It’s me Woody. We talked on here a while back. Then I ran into you at an outdoor gig in town. I was handing out [local arts magazine].”

Um, what?  I remembered the cute guy asking to borrow my lighter.  I remembered the guy at the gig in town last summer.  I remembered the name Woody.  I didn’t understand though.  If we had talked in the past, why didn’t he just introduce himself?  So I asked him.

He said that he thought I was with Teacher and he was trying to be respectful.

I immediately looked him up on Facebook.  LOL  I started looking through his profile and started noticing things.  Such as, he was at several other events that I had also attended.  He’s in a lot of the same Facebook groups that I’m in.  He is friends with Teacher and a few other people that I know.  Evidently from what he told me and from what I found out on Facebook, he’s been lurking around for about a year now, never introducing himself to me because of Teacher.  Once he saw me on POF again, he figured it was safe to message me again.  I’m so glad he did.

It one thing to have a stalker who is threatening or weird, but to have one who is courteous and polite and respectful is not such a bad thing.  It’s kind of flattering.

So we talked some more tonight and he said he’s going out of town for the weekend, but he wants to hang out as soon as he gets back.  I confess I’m a little giddy.  The whole thing is a little surreal, but I have a feeling it’s going to be a lot of fun. 🙂

Happy humping!


Jumping off the deep end

I’m still here!  Although I have been a very bad girl lately and not written here in over a month.  However, all that is about to change in a very big way.  First let me catch you up on what’s been going on here in the deep South.

After my last post I took a one week vacation from work and spent it with Teacher.  He had a couple of gigs in Florida and I had a wonderful time with him.  Also during that week my parents came and helped my sister move out of the house.  She’s now two states away and we are all very thankful for that.  I do lover her, and I miss Little Bubba something awful, but it was past time for us to go our separate ways.

After I got back from my vacation I found that the Preacher had taken all of the appliances.  Yes.  ALL of them, including the refrigerator.  Warm beer sucks.  As far as food goes, canned foods and pop tarts can only be tolerated for so long.  That was not fun, especially since I soon discovered that my sister had taken both of the can openers with her.  That Bitch.

So a week after living off of Pop Tarts and Spaghetti Os (I actually had to use a knife and hammer to open the can), Teacher and his friend, Artist, decided that it was time for me to just go ahead and move.  Oh, and it didn’t help things that my sister went off without paying the water bill, which I had given her the money for, and it was about to be turned off along with the electricity.  So after very little thought I decided that they were right and he came the following Saturday to come and pick me up.

During all of this I was stressing over what to do about my job.  Bossman had threatened a long time ago that if I turned in my notice and he found a replacement before my time was up, then he would just have to go ahead and let me go.  In light of that I decided to just wait and not give him any notice.  One part of me hated doing that to him, but another part didn’t care because I was too afraid that he would just let me go anyway and then I’d be completely stuck with no job, no car, and no power/water at the house.  So I don’t feel too bad about sending him a text right before leaving work that Saturday explaining that it was my last day and why.


“Dreams, dreams always dreams with you, never common sense.”


Ok, on to more important stuff.  The original plan was for me to stay with Teacher until I found a new job and a new apartment.  Unfortunately, I didn’t find a job right away, and then the apartment that I had picked out got rented to someone else.  Everything really does happen for a reason though.  A couple of weeks ago Teacher and I decided that finding a place together wasn’t such a bad idea.  We were enjoying spending more time together and combining our resources would benefit both of us.

I started searching for a place for us to rent.  I found a couple of great places, but nothing seemed to be working out.  Then we heard about an apartment for rent and set up a time to go look at it.  The property management lady (PML) was very nice and showed us a couple of places, and when we asked if she had anything else she said yes.  We followed her to the house (yes! a house!) and when she turned in the driveway, we both looked at each other and laughed.  It’s two houses down from where our friend CoolGal is moving into this weekend.  Plus the house was adorable!

It’s a little craftsman style cottage that’s the perfect size for us.  It’s also just been renovated.  We told PML that we had to think about it.  An hour later we were in her office filling out the paperwork.

il_570xN.254792568While we were there I mentioned to her that I didn’t have a job yet, and she asked what kind of work I do.  I told her and later that week I started working for her.  Yay!

Oh, wait…one more thing.  In between all of this craziness I started a new website that covers local music and art events, and I have somehow become a bit of a socialite in my new hometown, which is awesome.  I started it mainly because I was bored.  That’s just what I do.  Next thing I knew, two days later, I had over 600 likes on its Facebook page.  Weird.  A week later at a big social gathering, people were coming up to me saying, “You’re the girl from that website.”  Of course I did a double take at first.  A flash of terror crossed my mind as I thought that they were talking about this one.  Then I realized what they were actually talking about.  Whew.

Damn.  One more thing.  I made a deal with Teacher that for every chapter I finish on my book, he will write/perform/record an original song.  The plan is to keep each other motivated in pursuing our dreams.  So I may not be writing on here quite as much, but I will definitely be working toward my goal of finishing my book very soon.  And since I’ll have my very own quiet little office in our cute little house, I have no more excuses.

So, I think that gets us caught up.

Happy humping & write on!