Gone Fishing

As you know from my earlier posts (Plenty of fish…not in this sea, I caught a big fat liar, and I guess I’m not the only one with a bad memory. Or am I?) I got back on Plenty of Fish and have some interesting results thus far.  I wanted to update you on some of them and also let you know about my latest catches.

My sis still hasn’t heard from the guy that she went out with and who showed up as being interested in me.  He still hasn’t messaged me and I haven’t contacted him either.  I just don’t even have the energy to mess with him as sis and I had discussed.  He still shows up in my list, so we know he’s alive.  We just don’t know why he stopped all communication with her after having a seemingly good time that night.

I haven’t heard from EB.  Maybe he’s either reading my blog again, or he’s met someone else.  One can only hope & pray, right?

Bluegrass has continued to send me instant messages and drop hints about meeting again.  I continue to try and ignore him.

K9 hasn’t messaged me anymore.  After he realized who I was and I sent him a message asking how he had been he stopped communication.  Oh, well.  It’s probably for the best.  I took a second look at his pictures and he looks eerily similar to Manwhore.  That realization sort of freaked me out.

I woke up Sunday morning to an email saying that someone wanted to meet me.  The person’s username had the same first name in it as Cheater’s real first name.  I thought, “Yippee! I was right. He’s back on the prowl again. Time for some payback.”  So I quickly went to my computer to look at the new profile.  It wasn’t him.  It was just another disappointing redneck with the same odd first name.

After my profile redo I thought it would ward off many of the duds, but that didn’t seem to work.  It seemed that many men didn’t even bother reading my profile.  I even had one guy who did read it send me and instant message asking what I meant when I said that I wanted a guy who isn’t racist.  (I already had that as part of my profile because I wanted to weed out the ignorant racists that seem to be so abundant in these here parts.)  I explained that I meant just what I said.  I didn’t want to date a racist.  He then said that he was pro-white and pro-European.  Now coming from a guy who lives in a small Southern town this sort of surprised me.  I could understand the pro-white part, but the pro-European part confused me a little.  Does he even know what European is or even where Europe is?  Well, after he said that I just closed the chat window and went on my merry way.  I don’t have time to chat with a Hitler wanna-be.

Skaterboi sent me a text Friday night asking if I wanted to meet him at the bar where we first met.  I thought he was joking.  First of all, the bar was three hours away.  Second, was he really expecting me to say that I would drive all that way at the drop of a hat to see him?  Come on.  Who does he think he is?  Manwhore?  LOL

So I thought that things had calmed down a little, but not yet.  Things just keep getting weirder.

I had found a guy on POF who I found attractive and interesting and he only lives about twenty minutes from me.  He’s also the same age as me.  Sounds good so far right?  I added him to my favorites Saturday and then Sunday I got a message from him.  He said that I seemed “very unique.”  (LOL  If he only knew.)  I replied and since he had provided me with his first name, I signed my real first name at the bottom of my message.  You have to understand that my real first name is rather unique and 0.008% of females in the US have the same first name as I do.  So given that information, here’s what happened.

I woke up this morning to a new message alert.  It was from CBR (so named for the captive ball ring in his eyebrow).  His message said, “one of my friends from childhood in Alabama is named [PD] lol!”  Right away I started trying to remember if I went to grade school with anyone with his name.  I couldn’t think of anyone, and he said he was friends with her, so I should remember if we were friends, right?  No, because my memory sucks.  I can’t even remember some of the guys I’ve been with, let alone a kid who I may or may not have known twenty-five years ago.

To find out for sure I had to tell him that I too was from Alabama and I asked him where in Bama he was from.  Thank God he didn’t make me wait all day to find out.  He replied within the hour and told me what town he was from.  It wasn’t the same town that I grew up in.  Whew!  Now that that’s out of the way maybe we can get to know each other and see what happens.

It’s been a quiet day at the pond today.  Not a lot of fish biting right now, but just like in the real world, these fish mostly bite at dawn or dusk.

Happy humping!

I guess I’m not the only one with a bad memory. Or am I?

I received an email from Plenty of Fish tonight saying that I had a new message from K9.  He started out introducing himself and telling me his first name.  In one sentence he managed to put a very confused look on my face.  How could he not remember me?  I haven’t changed that much in three years.  I know, I know.  It’s like the pot calling the kettle black.  I have had my share of affairs to forget, but I definitely remembered him.  He was one of the good lays, and it’s hard to forget a good lay.

On the other hand, maybe he did he remember me and he was just trying to see if I remembered him.  Either way I’m determined to get to the bottom of this one even if it means having to meet him and have a little sexy time.  LOL  So maybe that part wouldn’t be so bad for me, and it would definitely jog his memory.  I’ve already slept with him, so it’s not like I’d be going into undiscovered territory or anything.  It would be like going back to the same vacation spot that I went to a few years earlier.  I already know where everything is, and what there is to do there.  I just have to relax and enjoy it all over again. 😉

As I read his very detailed message describing himself and his work, I had déjà vu.  I could swear that it was the same thing that he sent me three years ago when I first met him.  I guess it’s easier to create a generic opening message and send it to all the girls that you’re interested in than it is to create a new one each time.  It seems a little stale and impersonal though.

At first I didn’t know if I should ignore the message, reply and tell him who I was in hopes that he would remember, or just play along and act like I had never met him before.  When discussing it with my sister, we even discussed how I would get around the name problem if he didn’t remember me, because if I told him my name then he would remember for sure.  I kind of liked the idea of having to use an alias.  It sounded like fun.  Plus I would literally get to have a second chance at a first impression.  LOL

So I replied to his message and thanked him for contacting me and left my name out on purpose.  Now I just have to wait for his reply.  I’ll be sure to let you know what happens.

In other news, I got an instant message from Skaterboi the other day.  It was the first time that I had heard from him since I moved out in May.  Basically he said he misses me and he wants me to come down for a visit, which translates into he’s horny and wants to get laid.  That’s gonna have to be a big old fat NO on that one.  I can’t go back down that road, and besides, the sex was really bad there at the end.  It’s definitely not something I’d drive three hours for, even if he did offer to pay for my gas.

I can’t wait to see who pops back up next…Bobblehead Nerd maybe?  Or will it be someone I don’t even remember banging?  Ooooh, the anticipation.  LOL

Happy humping!

Plenty of fish…not in this sea

So my sister and I are both on Plenty of Fish, the dating website.  I actually just restarted my account Thursday afternoon because I was bored.  That was not a good idea.  It turns out that there aren’t as many good fish in the sea where I live.  Also, my sister and I still have problems sharing, men that is.  Here’s a breakdown of what happened after I rejoined.

First, I took a look at the guys in my area and was severely disappointed.  Not only were they the homeliest looking group that I’d ever seen, they were also the most uninteresting I’d ever come across.  There wasn’t one redeeming profile among them.

Second, I started getting messages almost immediately and decided to show some of them to my sister.  The first profile that I showed her was of a guy that she had already received a message from.  Same thing with the next couple of guys.  It was funny, but also a little scary.  How can a guy find both me and my sister interesting?  Granted we’re both pretty good-looking girls, but extremely different in our personalities, interests, and lifestyles.  I started to wonder if these guys were just messaging every girl they could find in their immediate area.

One of the guys that it showed as being interested in me was a guy that she went out on a date with a couple of weeks ago.  They sent texts back and forth for a couple of days and then he just stopped all communication.  She had no idea why.  Obviously he’s still alive and when I told her Continue reading