35 Reasons you might be rejected by the Preacher’s Daughters

These are all based on real men whom Fallen Angel and I have either:  gone out on at least one date with, talked to, or have been contacted by on dating websites.  A couple of these I actually married, but later divorced.  This is only the tip of the iceberg though.  My sister and I were able to rattle off this list in about fifteen minutes.  As we listed them I typed it into my phone.  I plan on adding more to it as time goes on, and as the memories return to us.

  1. Pretty but dumb as a box of rocks
  2. No ambition
  3. Poor
  4. Player
  5. Acts like a twelve-year-old
  6. Ball-less
  7. Doesn’t own a car and lives outside of a major city
  8. Sends four texts for every one you send
  9. Admits on his profile to being molested, and outs his sister as also being molested as a child
  10. Secretly gay
  11. Raised by the mafia
  12. Con artist
  13. You ask for a hammer and he hangs up on you
  14. Not mechanically inclined
  15. Atheist
  16. Too religious
  17. Just got out of prison
  18. Crazy baby mama
  19. Crazy ex-wife/girlfriend
  20. Has too many kids by too many women
  21. Has too many kids
  22. Gets high too much
  23. Too much facial hair
  24. Needs more facial hair
  25. Doesn’t shower on a daily basis
  26. Spends four nights a week playing pool at bars, yet doesn’t drink or gamble
  27. Lives with parents/family
  28. Talks too much
  29. Excessive drinking
  30. Superhero syndrome
  31. Posts on profile that he’s “in a relationship”
  32. Has his girlfriend/wife message you on the dating site requesting “group fun”
  33. Extreme mood swings
  34. Unacceptable in bed (dick too big, too small, too kinky, not kinky enough, selfish, or just sucks in bed)
  35. Pedophile

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If you would like to know more about any particular one, or if you agree with Fallen Angel that we should add the full stories and turn it into a book, please leave us a comment below. 🙂  I’m trying to lure her into the world of blogging, so any help would be much appreciated.

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Love & Sex Q&A #11

Love & Sex11

Have you ever felt that your involvement with your partner was more hard work than fun?  If so, do you feel this is to be expected or is a sign that something basic is wrong?

This is an appropriate question for me now.  Since I’ve been obsessing over Art so much lately, and it unfortunately reminds me of how I was with Manwhore in the beginning, this is something I really needed to explore.  I also haven’t answered any of these questions in a while and didn’t want you to think I had abandoned my little pink book. 🙂

I do sometimes feel that the relationships that I’m in or have been in are entirely too much work and not worth the effort.  I always wonder whether it’s a sign that the feelings I have for a person are not shared.  I wrote once about being the moth or the flame.  I still believe that that’s a great way of looking at it because if only one person in a relationship is the moth, then it’s probably not going to work out.  Unless both people are both the moth and the flame, meaning both are attracted to one another and both are drawing the other in, it’s just not going to last.

In all honesty though, that’s very difficult to find, or at least for me it has been.  Either men are really attracted to me, but I’m not that attracted to them, or vice versa.  It’s enough to drive a girl crazy sometimes.

My relationship with Art is still new and in the infant stage.  I am definitely the moth.  I know that much for sure.  It’s not that I am not physically attracted to a lot of men, because I am.  However, I am rarely attracted to a man to this degree not only physically, but mentally, emotionally, and creatively.

When I was with LL Cool Bean, I liked him because he was so nice and down to earth, but I just couldn’t reach that level of physical attraction that I need.  I also had a problem dealing with his immaturity, and because of that I had a hard time opening up to him emotionally.  I had the same problem with my ex-husband, the Ox.  He was intelligent and a good person, but it was like we were on different levels mentally.  The same can also be said for Bobblehead Nerd and Skaterboi.

On the other hand I have been with some guys who I found very attractive, but were either assholes, drunks or idiots such as BSL, EB, and Yankee Cowboy to list just a few.  In fact, after I broke with Yankee Cowboy and moved back down South I swore that I would never go out with a “pretty boy” again.  They were just too much trouble and upkeep.  I decided that average looking guys were what I needed.  I was wrong.

I know I tend to be shallow when it comes to what I find physically attractive, but I also try to look past the physical and see a person for who they are.  Unfortunately, that isn’t always enough.  It needs to be a package deal.  Art is the package deal.  I know that’s a bold statement to make so soon, but it’s obvious not only to me but to everyone around me.  Now if I can just figure out if I’m not just his moth, but also his flame.

I did decide to go with him to visit his kids this weekend.  If I can’t figure all this out by the end of our weekend together, then I really do have some serious issues going on.  LOL  Wish me luck!

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Threesomes and Swingers

This is a continuation of my Threesome series.  You can find parts one and two here.

Many moons ago when I was living up in New York I met two couples who were swingers.  I met them through other friends and eventually I became a part of their big group of friends.  We would hang out, party, drink, and just have fun.

It was bound to happen though.  One night when I was hanging out with them one of the women Babs and her lover Ringo asked if I wanted to go out to dinner with them sometime.  I thought it would be fun and we set up a date for the next weekend.

I knew that Babs was bisexual.  However I never really thought much of it because she was nice, just not really my type.  She had other plans though.

After we went out for dinner and drinks we went back to Ringo’s apartment.  Things went from bad to worse as we all ended up in the bedroom.  Thankfully I was drunk enough to not care what was really going on.  I even participated a little.  It was not one of my best moments, but it wasn’t my worst either.

A few weeks later I was over at Babs’ house for another party.  I had been drinking so I was going to sleep on the couch since my friend BSL was having another of his mood swings and didn’t want me sleeping downstairs with him.

So what did I do?  I had a threesome with Babs and her husband.  They had pulled a mattress down into the living room and were making out on it when they asked me to come over and join them.  I was decidedly pissed off at BSL so I decided to just go with it.  This one was a little better because her husband was pretty damn good in the sack and she seemed to enjoy my being there even more that time.  I can’t complain too much about that one, except for the fact that I felt guilty about doing it while BSL was sleeping just downstairs.

I won’t go into too much gory detail about those because it wasn’t that spectacular.  I did however learn that I’m capable of damn near anything if I choose to be.  Thankfully, I choose not to be.  LOL

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Love & Sex Q&A #6

Love & Sex6

Are you more attracted to people whose personalities are similar to yours or very different?  What differences attract you and why?

That’s a complicated question, because I’m a complicated gal.  I think I’m attracted to people with certain personality traits that are similar to mine.  I also think that those aren’t always the best personality traits to be attracted to.  They are just familiar and comfortable for me.

I have found that I am very attracted to people with personality traits that are completely opposite to mine as well.  Traits such as being outgoing, talkative, and not self-conscience attract me because they tend to make me more open to acting on Continue reading

Love & Sex Q&A #4

Love & Sex4

If your lover kept a private journal that was easily accessible, under what circumstances might you read it without permission?  For example, what if your relationship were on the rocks and you were confused about your partner’s feelings?

This question really strikes a nerve for me for many reasons.  First of all I have kept journals since I was a kid, but really got into it when I was about 19 years old.

When I was 22 I moved to New York City to live with my first husband, Con Artist, and had a very difficult time adjusting and found journaling to be very therapeutic.  I wrote about my problems with him and his mother and her eight cats, yes, eight cats.  I’m allergic to animals by the way.  She knew that, but she didn’t care.  She hated me.  Anyway, it got to a point where he started reading my journal without my permission.  It pissed me off so I started writing stuff in it directed towards him.  I knew he would read it so I figured why not make the most of the situation.

There was another person who read my journal without my permission and that ended in disaster.  I think that if a person wants to know something about me then they should just ask.

All of that is probably what led me to this thing we call blogging.  This is basically an online version of my journal.  Even though I’ve still had a couple of boyfriends who found my blog and read it, I don’t regret writing it.  If they happen to find it and read it and if they really love me for who I am they should not be bothered by what I write.  If it does bother them, then they shouldn’t be reading it or they shouldn’t continue dating me.  It’s that simple.

Now to answer the question about me reading my lover’s journal.  I would not go and read someone’s private journal unless I had permission to do so.  That would be worse than going through someone’s email or phone.  If I’m confused about someone’s feelings then I should feel comfortable enough with them to just ask them about it without having to sneak around behind their back and spy on them.

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