About the Preacher’s Daughter

Updated March 6, 2017

Welcome to my blog, “Confessions of a Preacher’s Daughter.”  Many of the things that I have done and probably will do in the future are not something that I want my family to know about, so out of respect for them and also so that I can avoid any unwanted lectures or personal sermons I will remain anonymous.  Also, I want to be able to be completely honest, and in order to feel free to do so, I require anonymity.  So, from this point on you can just call me Ginger.

I’m a 39 42 year old twice thrice-divorced preacher’s daughter with no children and I am from the South, but I’m not your stereotypical southern belle or redneck.  I’m a self-proclaimed geeky white girl.  I love sex and men, sometimes too much.  I love my family and friends.  I believe that even though I may not always agree with my family, I still respect them and their beliefs and they keep me grounded no matter what path I choose.

We went to an Assembly of God church until I was about one year old and then Dad (aka, the Preacher) “back-slid” and became an alcoholic workaholic good-ole-boy.  During the next ten years the most excitement we had were the Friday and Saturday nights at the go-cart race track where he and my uncles and grandfather would race and drink beer.  I would hang out and watch and eat my hamburgers from the concession stand.

I actually had a great childhood.  I was surrounded by my parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles most of the time.  I was the oldest grandchild, and the only grandchild for seven years, so I was definitely spoiled rotten.  I believe that being around so many adults all the time, and very few children, made me mentally grow up faster than normal.  My Mom says that when I was five I could carry on a conversation like a forty year old.  I’m not sure how true that is, but I do know that I have never related that well to people my own age.

When I was eleven Dad woke up one Sunday morning, poured all his booze down the kitchen sink, and told me and my Mom to get ready for church.  We did and that Sunday my Dad got saved and then went on to become a preacher, evangelist, and then a pastor.  He still pastors at a small country church today.

The years that followed the Preacher’s transformation were not bad until I hit my teen years and then it seemed to me that he was the strictest and most unreasonable parent in the world.  I was not allowed to listen to the same music my friends listened to because it was “secular music.”  I couldn’t watch the same movies, go to school dances, date, or any of the “normal” things that teens do.  Once I started driving I of course had to let the Preacher know where I was every minute of the day when I was not at home.  Even on the night of my high school graduation, the Preacher insisted that I be home by midnight.

So as soon as I graduated high school I moved out of my parents house.  All I remember about that day is my Mom crying and telling me that I didn’t have to go.  I kept telling her that I did have to go because I couldn’t take living with my Dad any longer.  I believe the Preacher and I had already been arguing earlier that day about some stupid little thing.

I continued going to church for a few years until my parents moved away and then I started what I like to call my “sowing my wild oats” phase.  Granted I was 21 when I started this phase, but better late than never right?

The last twenty-two years have been a non-stop adventure.  I’ve lived in several states and enjoyed my time in each.  The people that I have met along the way have helped me learn, grow and open my eyes to what is possible.  I’ve done things that I knew were wrong, things that I am very proud of, things that I still can’t believe that I did, things that I don’t even remember doing, and things that I should regret.  However, I believe that you should never regret anything you’ve done, only learn from it and move on.  We all make mistakes and will continue to do so.

I hope that through my writings I can share my story and feelings and views on life.  Who knows.  Maybe along the way I can also help to change someone’s life for the better.  Maybe even my own.

(All original work on this blog is copyright protected.)

25 thoughts on “About the Preacher’s Daughter

  1. Hi Preacher’s Daughter,

    Pleased to meet you. I see that you popped over to my Quidmont blog and I wanted to say “hi”. Very glad I did too. You sound like a most interesting person and you have a blog that I will definitely be back to. I understand and respect that you can be more honest anonymously and take advantage of that on another blog. It is empowering and freeing to be able to speak the thoughts you feel most deeply yet know would not be acceptable “at home”. Please do keep up your posts here.

    Should you ever have something you’d like to share with more of the world, Quidmont is always there as a website or Quidmont the blog for that very purpose. No name is required if you ever feel you’d like to post something through me. It may even be something you want to share – just not here.

    I’m checking out some of your other posts but have only scratched the surface of your blog. The freedom of your thoughts is wonderful and a model for each of us. We should all feel that freedom whether we choose to speak with our name attached or not.

    Would you allow me to link to your blog here from Quidmont? That could be Quidmont the blog and/or the website. And if you have not seen the connection yet, I keep a separate, sister blog at http://takearideonthereading.wordpress.com. I would link to you from there as well if you’d allow.

    Thanks for such an open, honest site. I look forward to following you.


    – Bob (Quidmont) Johnston
    Toronto, Canada

    • Hi Bob,

      Thank you so much! I appreciate the words of encouragement. I did enjoy reading posts on both of your blogs and your website and look forward to reading more. Feel free to link to my blog and I would be more than happy to put links to yours on mine as well.

      I hope you continue to enjoy my posts. I’m trying to stay as honest as possible, especially with myself, which is scary sometimes. I’ve learned more about myself since starting this blog than I think I have in the previous 35 years. Sometimes being honest to oneself is much more frightening than being honest with anyone else.

      Thanks again!


      “Honesty is an illumination for a one’s life. It creates a genuine, veracious and a right minded person. People should be honest to others as well as themselves. If you cannot be sincere to yourself, it’s difficult to be truthful to the other people. However being honest to oneself is one of the greatest things that can be in you.” (http://www.articlesbase.com/publishing-articles/being-honest-to-oneself-790243.html)

      • You’re so right. Honesty is the key to happiness and success. But being honest with ourselves is often the hardest thing to achieve.

        I’ll be putting a link to you in both blogs today, and featuring you on my Quidmont post.


        – Quidmont

  2. Hi there,

    I was referred to your blog by Quidmont. I’m glad I was introduced to your blog and I can’t wait to read more. You seem very interesting and insightful, and I look forward to seeing what you have to say. I can’t wait to hear your story – I’m glad you were able to find a place where you feel comfortable enough to do so.

    Nice to meet you,

    • Thanks Michelle! Nice to meet you too. 🙂 What I’ve read so far on your blog is very interesting as well. I look forward to reading more.

  3. Thank you, thank you, thank you to everyone that has stopped by and read my ramblings. 🙂 Blogging has become my form of therapy and an obsession. I love seeing who stops by and then getting to read your stories.

    Take care & happy humping!


  4. I saw your blog mentioned in the “You’ve been Hooked” blog and the name sounded interesting so I decided to check your blog out…very interesting and although I have never been a preacher’s kid, I was raised in church all my life and started my “wild” days later in life so I kind of relate to that. I appreciate the honesty I read here and I am definitely subscribing to your blog!

  5. Hey … your blog title caught my eye because I’m a preacher’s daughter too! I’ve checked out some of your posts ~ great stuff! Will most definitely be back for more!
    ~ Betty ~

  6. Hey PD, thanks for the ‘follow’. I must say that your blog has me completely intrigued. Love your casual tone and humor.

  7. I’m doing a show about preacher’s daughters. Please contact me if you are between the ages of 15 and 19 and would like to share your story, or if you can recommend someone who has a great story. Thank you. Mary castingcookie@gmail.com

  8. Here is all the info for the show about Preacher’s Daughters. Email me. This will be a great show.

    Major cable network is currently seeking preacher’s daughters for new docu-series.
    Do you lead two lives? Do you have a strong faith, but realize there is more to life than just church on Sunday? Are you tired of following rules and just want to live your own life? Do you feel you are missing out on the best years of your life just because you have to keep up an image? Do you go to church on Sunday just to make your parent happy? Are you in conflict with your preacher parent over the way you dress, your friends, and other lifestyle choices?
    If you or anyone you know are a “Preacher’s Daughter” we want to hear from you, no matter what your story is. If you appear to be between the ages of 15-19, and would like to share your story, send an email to greatfilms1@gmail.com and be sure to include your name, telephone number, and your photo.

  9. So good Christian girl… when did you lose your Christian virginity?
    When did you let a guy take your Christian “innocence?”
    Had you engaged in a lot of “…everything…but” before you actually spread your legs wide and let your nonChristian BF push it in and make you a woman?

    Can visualize the look on your face as he moved his rock-hard nonchristian penis toward your waiting and now, so willing sweet pussy…
    ….you see his penis veins bursting and maybe you touch his penis and rub your finger in his precum, which you taste…

    Knowing you’re a Christian woman, he takes it slow… and moves his hungry cock in slowly, wanting to give you a good experience and helping you forget about your pledge to remain “pure.”
    You feel his first entrance as he, masquerading as a gentleman, goes slowly… until after he bursts your hymen.
    ….just as his forehead’s about to puncture your holy hymen, both of you realize what’s gonna happen … he pauses shortly at the pivotal moment (there will be no going back after you become lovers) you raise your body up allowing his penis to burst your hymen, forever making you a non-virgin woman and taking away your Christian “innocence.”

    You love the feelings and far from crying or regretting, hold him even tighter as he thrusts passionately into your sweet Christian pussy, which is now all his as you’ve become subservient to his penis, like a good Christian girl should.. 🙂

    • Wow. It seems you put a lot of thought into that comment. It’s too bad that it didn’t happen like that. It was much less dramatic and erotic. And for the record I’m not, nor have I ever been, a “good Christian girl.” I don’t believe there’s any such thing.

  10. Sorry… often have a wild imagination in my fantasies about what a Christian woman would – and would not do – with me. A lot of that is what I wished I’d done when I dated some Christian virgins or never-married non-virgins who wouldn’t let me go all the way, like I wanted.

    So, how was it when you gave your Christian virginity away?
    What was it like and how was the experience as he entered you and made you a woman?

  11. Kids are going to be kids, regardless of what their parents do. Take into consideration what you did when your parents told you, not to do something, you had to experience it yourself, before you made a decision whether or not it was good or bad. So would not a preachers/pastors children want to do the same exact thing, or are they different from all the other kids? “I’m Not Stupid – I’m Just Saying

  12. Hi there,
    I just launched a similar blog and need pastors’ daughters to supply content. It’s basically a safe, anonymous reddit for pastors’ daughters, thanks to the technological wonder we know as SurveyMonkey. Please share your stories. It’s no good not being able to express our journeys as this unique and diverse subculture of women. Meander on over to pastorsdaughterconfessional.wordpress.com. Thanks!

  13. Thanks. As a,34 yr old man i always wondered what life as a Preachers daughter was really like. I was scared to even glance at my preachers daughter (huge tits n I’ma tit guy n tend to stare without meaning to)again thx.

  14. Hi,
    It was amazing story. I thought that evangelist, preacher, missionary’s daughter and sons are not sinners. Thank you for being honest. Your story will help many like you to live pure. I appreciate it.
    Faly Rafieferana

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