Once upon a time…a dream came true.

fairy-tales-002Once upon a time the Preacher’s Daughter lived in the big city of New York.  One day she met a wonderful man.  They talked on the phone and online for hours.  See, the only problem was that he lived in a far off land called Tennessee.  One day she decided to go visit him.  They spent a glorious week together filled with fun, laughter, sex, and just general awesomeness.

After she left and went back to the big city they continued to talk.  One day, he asked her if she would marry him.  Being the silly young girl that she was, she said no.  Stupid silly girl.

They eventually lost touch.  He wouldn’t respond to her emails or calls.  Her heart was broken, but she had no choice but to move on.

Over the years she would think about him and try to find him, with the help of Google, but even Google could not find him.  She feared she had lost him forever.  The Preacher’s Daughter finally moved back down South to be closer to her family, but even though she was closer to Tennessee, she still could not find him.

Then one day, ten years later, she knew that he had a son and she actually remembered the son’s name.  By this time he should be old enough to be on Facebook or something, so she Googled the son’s name.  Holy crap!  There he was!  She knew it was him because he looked so much like his dad.  After a little more searching, she found her Prince Charming!  There he was right on Facebook!

She remained cautious.  Not wanting to scare him away.  So she sent him a friend request.  As soon as he accepted the friend request, he messaged her!  She was in shock.  After ten years of searching, there he was, talking to her, and he was even happy to hear from her.

They started talking and kept talking and talking, and 3,000 messages later, he was driving from Tennessee to see her.  Not just to see her, but to be with her, permanently.

So as he drove down she became more and more excited and a little nervous because after all, it had been ten years.  Preacher’s Daughter finally found her Prince Charming (again) and she wasn’t going to screw it up this time.  🙂

So, the story isn’t over yet; it’s only just begun.  After his arrival I’m sure there will be lots more to tell.  Until then…

Peace, love, & happiness.


9 thoughts on “Once upon a time…a dream came true.

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