Just Say No Thank You

So I did end up jumping back into the sea of Plenty of Fish.  Even though Woody & Airman both found me offline, they contacted me online.  I still haven’t met Woody, Airman stood me up that day, and I went out with a new guy who I met on POF.  I had a really great time with him.  He was handsome, funny, and I really had no complaints.

The problem is that after our date that night he slowly stopped texting me.  Airman did the same thing.  So I have stopped texting them.  I don’t want to come across as pushy or even worse, desperate, so I’ll just let it be.  If either one of them likes me enough to want to talk to me or hang out again, then the ball is in their court now.

It just irritates me when people don’t at least say ‘thanks, but no thanks’ or ‘I’m just not that into you.’  Something is better than nothing.  It’s like the guy who I talked to a few weeks ago.  We chatted online, exchanged numbers, text messaged for a bit, and then talked on the phone for almost two hours.  He even sent me a text after we got off the phone and said that he really enjoyed talking to me.  Then I never heard from him again.

So I just don’t know what to think about these men anymore.  Even the ones who I think are nice decent guys end up not having the balls to say how they really feel, even if it means not wanting to see me again.  If I can’t find a great guy who sends me flowers and wants to woo me and be my best friend, then I wish I could at least find one that knows how to be honest.

Happy humping (or not humping)!


6 thoughts on “Just Say No Thank You

  1. True ‘radio silence’ can account for a tiny percentage of loss-of-contact. My lover’s cellphone nearly ended our relationship, but it was a technical and financial glitch. Cut some guys slack, but certainly not ALL of them.

  2. If I ‘had the balls’ to tell every girl I wasn’t interested, I would do nothing but tell girls I wasn’t interested. Online dating is an accelerated, cold and impersonal experience. I’ve had plenty of girls not call or text me back after I show interested. It means she’s not interested, so I take it as if she had told me.

    • Even if you’ve talked to them on the phone or met them in person? Especially the latter. I hung out with that guy & he even text me the next day saying he had fun. I’m over it now. It would just be nice to know.

      You’re right about online dating though. I’m really not enjoying it much anymore.

      Love your blog by the way. 🙂

      • It’s the unwritten rule. You just fade like it never happened. The only time I’ve said anything like that or had someone tell me that is after expectations for something greater were established.

        One of dating’s biggest struggles is fighting the urge to build a fantasy future with a person that has no commitment to you. If you’re looking for something meaningful, you have to play the chess game. Move one piece at a time, and never let them know the plan.

        I’m glad you like it, should be some interesting topics coming up, I’ll need some female feedback on haha.

  3. How’d I miss this post? Anyway, as I’m sure you already know, if a guy is interested he’ll find a way to make time for you. Dudes don’t just disappear, they aren’t taken against their will, they choose to cease contact. When a guy can’t get enough of you, you’ll know hun.

    Take care,
    The Wandering Mind

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