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Sibling Rivalries: The preacher’s daughters from hell.

As many of you may know, I love my sister.  We usually get along good enough and at times, we can make each other piss our pants laughing.  This is not one of those times.  I’m fighting the urge to take a Xanax just to calm my nerves and my temper now.  Instead, I choose Metallica and I write.

A few weeks ago Teacher came over to the house at about ten one night.  He had lessons that night and didn’t get done until about nine, so he made the hour drive to see me after he got done working.  Just that he made the effort to come see me when he didn’t have to was enough for me.  I was happy just to see him.

We had planned on hanging out for just a little while, maybe watching a movie, but things happen and we ended up having sex.  Now unfortunately, I didn’t realize how squeaky my bed is, and my sister was briefly able to hear it.  That pissed her off.  What pissed me off was that she wouldn’t even come out of her room to meet him when he got here in the first place.  Her major complaint other than the squeaky bed, was that he came over so late.  Well, not everyone is unemployed and sits on their ass or plays with horses all day like she does.  She doesn’t even bother to clean the house anymore.  It’s a disaster.

So anyway, the next day she made it a point to chastise me for having him over so late and for having sex in “her house.”  I think I’ve lived here long enough to say that it’s not just “her house.”  In fact it’s not even “our house.”  It’s my parents house, and soon to be the bank’s house.  So my sister better get off her ass and start packing and coming up with a plan before she ends up living with my parents again.

But, alas, I can’t tell her any of this because she refuses to listen to anyone.  She always thinks she’s right and knows it all.  Every time I make a mistake, she never fails to remind me of it a dozen times.  Yes, I know I’ve been a big ol’ hoe.  You don’t have to remind me of it every other day.  However, when she makes a mistake, she acts like it never happened.  Remember that time in the van where she fucked a stranger in the back seat and then swapped places with Horse Whisperer?  Yeah, me too.  We all know how ugly I can get when I lose my temper.  I don’t want that to happen again.

It’s very frustrating living with this type of person.  Maybe that’s why we’ve never lasted more than six months living together.  This is the first time that we’ve almost made it to a year, and if I was able to I would have moved out long ago.

Tonight I got home from work a little early.  She said that her and Little Bubba were going to meet a friend and asked if I wanted to come along.  They were going to do horse stuff so I said no.  About ten minutes after they left she sent me a text.

Sis:  “He needs to be gone before I get back.”

Me:  “What?” (Because honestly I had no idea why she would think he’d be coming over.)

Sis:  “I don’t want your bf there at night with [Little Bubba] there.”

Me:  He’s playing somewhere tonight & he’s not coming here. Stop being a bitch.”

Sis:  “Hell no.  I’m not being a bitch. You fucked that up.”

At this point I’m really confused.  Could she really still be upset about that night which was over three weeks ago??

Blah, blah, blah…

Sis:  “Great. Don’t bring him to the house.”

Me:  “I’m not.  It’s too embarrassing for anyone to see this mess.”

Evidently that shut her up because she didn’t say anything after that.

I just don’t understand what’s wrong with her.  She’s hated every man I’ve ever dated, even some that she never met.  She hated my ex-husbands too.  I have never treated her boyfriends the way she treats mine.  Granted, she hasn’t had that many, but still…I guess what it really comes down to is that she is a selfish, using, controlling bitch most of the time.  If she weren’t my sister, it would be very hard to love her.  I think Little Bubba is the only thing that keeps us from getting really nasty with one another sometimes.  Thank God for him.

I think that once I get another car and move out of here, and once she moves back to where my parents are, I will have to limit the amount of time that I spend with my family.  All they do is make me angry and depressed.  I can’t live with that in my life anymore.  I’m moving on to better and happier times, with or without my family.

Yeah, I know.  It’s another one of my declaration posts.  Well, it’s either that or I go downstairs and start throwing her stuff in the yard and make a bonfire.  Hmmm…nah.

Happy humping!


Locked out of heaven: How I know when I’m in love

Music-is-Love-music-1123041_768_576Teacher and I have dated for about a month and a half now, and since it’s been a crazy few weeks I thought I should do a recap of what’s been going on.

Two weeks ago I helped Teacher move into his new place and had a wonderful weekend hanging out with him.  On Sunday night we were in his room, bringing stuff in, and he stopped me and told me he loved me.  I was surprised, but it wasn’t totally unexpected.  As I was leaving one night the week before, I thought I heard him let it slip out, but I wasn’t sure so I didn’t say anything.  It was one of those quick “love you, bye” type things.  Like I said, I wasn’t sure so I acted like I didn’t hear anything.

After that night I started thinking about it and couldn’t stop.  I kept wondering if I just really liked him and was mistaking it for something more, or if I was just getting ahead of myself, of if I just really wanted it to be love.  Self-doubt is a bitch.  All week I wondered if I should say it first or wait for him to say it, because what if he didn’t feel the same way…what if he’d think I was rushing things…what if…oh damn…too many “what ifs” to worry about.  I decided to just wait and see what happened.  Then he went and said it first, and he didn’t say it in bed!  Brownie points for Teacher! 😉

pkdividerA little over a week ago I was headed out of town to see Teacher perform at a local pub.  I was running late because my sister didn’t approve of my first three outfits, but I had to stop and get gas before leaving town.  When I was about ten miles out of town, I heard an awful clicking noise.  I let down my window and then I heard a really loud pop.  My car then lost all power and I had to drift off to the side of the highway.  Fortunately it was not quite dark yet, but it was getting dark fast and about to storm, and I couldn’t even turn my flashers on.

Besides being late, stuck on the side of the road, and about to be caught in a storm, my window wouldn’t roll back up.  I called AAA, but unfortunately I forgot to renew my membership, so I was screwed.  Then I remembered that my sister had AAA, so I called her.  She was not amused by my plea for help, but she did offer to let me call AAA myself and pretend to be her so that they could come and tow me back to town.  She’s so thoughtful.

So I called them and they said that they would send a tow truck “as soon as possible.”  I hate that phrase.  When AAA says that, it usually means you’ll be sitting there sweating your ass off for a few hours.  So I called my sister back and told her that it might be a while, and could she come and meet me there since I was in the dark and about to be in the rain on the side of the road.  She agreed, and off sis and Little Bubba went to rescue me.

While I was waiting on my rescuers to arrive, I sent Teacher a text telling him that I wasn’t going to make it and he immediately called me to see if I was alright.  I explained the situation and said I’d talk to him the next day.  After we hung up he sent me a text saying that he missed me.  I replied, “I miss you too.  Sing one for me. ;)”  His reply was pretty awesome.  He said, “I’ll sing all of them for you!”

They arrived about a half hour later while I was sitting in my car playing Candy Crush on my new iPhone (courtesy of Bossman).  After sitting in the truck with them for another half hour, AAA finally called me back and said that they couldn’t find a tow truck for me, and they asked if I could wait until the morning.  I didn’t really have much choice, so I agreed.  I got everything I could out of the car, locked it up (yes, even though the window was half way down I still locked it), and we went back home.

pkdividerOver the last few weeks I’ve received messages from Manwhore, Golfer, EB and others trying to talk me into meeting them for a little “fun.”  Flattery is often my weakness, as you’ve probably noticed.  This time it was just nice to hear, but didn’t make me want to see any of them.  I even received a very nice message on Facebook from Thord on Sunday.  Last week I changed my Facebook status from “single” to “in a relationship with [Teacher]” and I guess Thord noticed.

His message said, “You could have just said you were dating someone.  😉  I wouldn’t have kept bugging you so much!”  I told him that he wasn’t bugging me at all.  In fact I hadn’t heard from him in two weeks.  Then he said, “I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t jealous. lol”  Now this is the kicker…he said, “Like… I feel like I had a delicious bite of ice cream, the best there is, then the place went out of business and discontinued the ice cream.  So sad!  Well, you have my number and my Facebook, and I hope that if you ever want to talk you will.  You’re an amazing woman and I hope that we can at least be friends.  I’ll do my best not to try and steal you away.  Oh, and just so you know. You really were absolutely amazing.”

How freaking sweet is he?!  Out of all the men I’ve dated in the past, he’s the one who deserves to find a great woman to be with.  I hope he finds her sooner than later, and that he doesn’t turn into a womanizing jackass like so many of the others I’ve dated.  Maybe it’s just his youth, or his shy nature, but I like to think that he’s just really a nice guy.

pkdividerSo how do I know when I’m in love?  Well, I usually don’t know until I’ve had my heart broken.  This time is different though.  When he looks at me, when he sneaks my name into a song, when he sings “I want to rock your gypsy soul”, when he holds me tight, when I can’t stop thinking about him, when I find myself worrying about him, but mostly, it’s when I have no desire to be with any other man…when their flattering words just make me smile and nothing more, then my thoughts wander back to him…that’s how I know.

Happy humping!