Very Inspiring Blogger Award!


I have been awarded the Very Inspiring Blogger Award!  Thanks to Lovergirl at LIFEOFALOVERGIRL for bestowing this honor upon me!  If you don’t know her you should check her blog out.  She’s like the sister I never had…oh, wait…(sorry Fallen Angel). 😉

The rules of this award are pretty similar to the others:

1.) Display the award logo on your blog.
2.) Link back to the person who nominated you.
3.) State 7 things about yourself.
4.) Nominate 15 bloggers for this award.
5.) Notify those bloggers of the nomination by linking to one of their specific posts so that they get notified by ping back.

Seven Things About the Preacher’s Daughter:

1.  I sometimes still wonder why I’m not a lesbian, and also wish I were.  Yes, I love the men and their equipment, but some women are just so damn attractive.  Unfortunately, when I was living in New Jersey, Jersey Girl pretty much turned me off to ever being in a relationship with another woman.  Once I’m traumatized by something, then that’s the end of that.

2.  I’ve hidden my real first name is in a post on my blog…somewhere.  Of course I’m not going to tell you where.  LOL

3.  I wear purple, a lot.  I blame my mother.  When I was a kid my mom loved dressing me in purple because she thought it looked pretty with my red hair.  So I think I have it drilled into my sub-conscience that I look best in purple.  In fact, as I sit here, I’m wearing my purple robe that my sister embroidered my name on to a couple of weeks ago.

4.  I am not an animal lover.  Yet, for some reason I keep living with my sister and her menagerie of animals.  It wouldn’t be so bad if she would just keep them outside, but she insists on having her Great Dane and little mutt dog inside all the time.  Not to mention the other 2 – 3 dogs that are outside the house all the time, and the cat that is constantly sneaking in (which I’m severely allergic to), and now the two baby ducks that live in the bathtub.  I feel like I’m living in Noah’s Ark!

5.  I’m not very crafty or domestic.  I try to be, and want to be, but it’s just not in me.  That’s the gene that my sister inherited from my mother.  She can cook, craft, and sew.  Me?  I can barely sew a button on, and my cooking skills leave much to be desired.  Just ask my ex-husbands.

6.  You know how some people keep those little trolls or some other kind of knick knacks on their desk?  Well, I have my monkey.  It was a gift from my dad when I was little.  He even painted my name on it and everything.  Of course I’ve given him a bit of a makeover over the years.  He now wears Mardi Gras beads and a crown.  He will be with me until the day I die.  😉

7.  I’m a romantic.  It may not seem that way because of my slutty behavior, but I really am a romantic who believes in love and all that mushy stuff.  Unfortunately I don’t have the best taste in men and that’s probably why “twoo lub” has eluded me.  Alas, I have not given up.  Through all my sexual trifling, I continue my quest for Mr. Right and not just Mr. Fuck-Me-Right-Now.  It may also surprise you to learn that I am currently in love and have been for some time now.  Yes, I find it quite disturbing myself.  Mainly because he’s treating me like a stalker and not replying to my texts and completely ignoring me.  Again, I’m back to the moth vs. the flame.  Love sucks, yet I enjoy it so.

OK, enough about me.  Let’s talk about you!  Here’s my list of fifteen of my favorite bloggers.

  1. 101 Books
  2. Bad Books, Good Times
  3. TheRealSharon’s Blog
  4. Misadventures in Cleveland Dating
  5. her lil’ black book
  6. Blogging NOLA
  7. Hiding in plain sight
  8. The Redneck Princess
  9. You’ve Been Hooked!
  10. The Wandering Mind
  11. The Prattlings of a Pervert
  12. The Daft Diaries
  13. Three Sentence Critic
  14. My Student Bloggy
  15. Hypersensationalism

So there you have it.  Thanks again to Lovergirl for nominating me and to all of you who actually read my blog!  I wish you all happiness & “twoo lub” & happy humping always!

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