Archive | March 2, 2013

Grandpas and porn

Working in retail does have its perks, sometimes…

An old man just came in with a portable dvd player.  He needed a power adapter for it.  I found the right one and hooked it up to see if it would work.  I turned it on and waited.  There was a dvd already in it.  All of the sudden it comes on and bam!  There’s a big white ass on the screen.  It’s some serious porn.  As grandpa and I both turn red, he says, “Oh my goodness. What is that?”  I’m thinking yeah, right, you know what it is you old perv.  I had quickly closed the lid on the dvd player.  He apologized, and told me it was his grandson’s.  I said, “Don’t worry. It just makes my day interesting. And now we know what your grandson’s been doing.”  LOL