Archive | February 15, 2013

What? No Valentine’s post from the Preacher’s Daughter?

Damn skippy, and no, I was not out on a hot date last night.  I was not too busy to write a VD post.  I just chose not to.  Why?  Because even though I love Valentine’s Day, I felt there were enough mushy lovey dovey posts being made already.

Instead, I spent my Valentine’s evening with Little Bubba.  Fallen Angel had her sewing class again last night, so it was my night to kid-sit.  He wasn’t the only one I had to take care of though.  My sister decided that Little Bubba deserved a gift for Valentine’s Day.  So while at the Tractor Supply store, she bought him two baby ducks.  Yes, two baby ducks.  One yellow and one brown.  The brown one is the bad one.  I can tell that already.  He tried to jump out of the cardboard box and attack me last night.

So that’s how I spent my VD evening.  With a three-year-old and two loud baby ducks.

Happy humping!