I’m freaking out

Yes, I’m freaking out.  Completely.  I got a call from my boss this morning saying that there was a hundred bucks missing from the drawer.  Since I was the only one working Saturday that means it’s pinned on me.  I have no idea what happened to it.  I don’t remember anything weird happening Saturday, so I really don’t have a clue.

Of course I keep having flashbacks of my final days as a church secretary.  In this case, however, I am not guilty as charged.  I absolutely hate being falsely accused.  Sure, if I did it, then accuse all you want.  But if I didn’t, you’d better have a damn good reason for thinking I did.  I’m too old for this level of stress.

Of course I have issues when it comes to things like this.  I worked hard to overcome my past indiscretion and regain people’s’ trust, and I don’t want people to lose that trust in me over something like this.  If the Preacher were to find out about this, I’m certain he would believe my boss over me.  My dad loves me, but it probably wouldn’t take much to push him back into thinking I’m a common thief.  I may be a lot of things, slut, snob, sometimes dumb-ass, occasional drunk, and politically incorrect, but I’m NOT a thief.

Another reason I’m not only freaking out, but pissed off, is because why would I risk losing my job over a measly hundred bucks?  Granted, I don’t make that much, but it’s steady income and better than nothing.

I’m probably over reacting.  He hasn’t even come out and accused me of anything yet.  I could tell by his tone, though, that if it comes down to it, then it’ll most likely be my ass on the line.  I cannot afford to lose this job now.  Oh, dear baby Jesus in a manger!  Why do these things keep happening to me?!

Happy humping!

8 thoughts on “I’m freaking out

  1. Do you have paperwork or another coworker that counts down with you for back-up/evidence? Cameras in the store? Any other possibilities? Girl, I’m telling you, no matter how great a boss seems always write down shit and print off anything you can that may seem “off”. The only thing I could figure is that your boss is jealous and wants to get rid of you now. I can only guess by what I read. Tell your stalker to stay away from your work. New Orleans seemed to have treated you better. Maybe “someone” is trying to tell you something. Signs, signs, everywhere are signs. Good luck!

    • Unfortunately I received very little training at the other store, and the older couple that was running it didn’t have a very good system in place. I was only told to get the change for the day out of the bag, and then at the end of the day, put the cash back into the bag. There was nothing to print out for me to reconcile against. And it was my first time closing the store alone. I have a very strong feeling that I’ve been royally screwed over here. 😦

      I don’t know if it has anything to do with my boss’ comments/questions the other day or not, but at this point nothing would surprise me.

      • Miscounted perhaps? If they say something else I’d tell them to check their math before they cause an innocent person to lose their job. Sorry you have to go through all that.

  2. You’re innocent until you’re proven guilty. “No-one can find anyone else to blame” isn’t proof of anything but laziness on their part. I’m guessing there are three variables: starting balance, your management, and closing balance? Any of those could contain a $100 error. Who decided it must belong in your bit and how did they arrive at that decision?
    (If my wife has a problem in her shop, it’s usually a poor split between cash and credit card transactions: this may not apply in your case.)

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