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I had this big plan for this weekend.  Since I now have a car, I was going to take a trip down to New Orleans to visit a friend.  We planned it all out last weekend.  I was supposed to go down tomorrow, hang out, and spend the night with him.  I was all excited about seeing him and about getting out of town, and I let my excitement get the better of me.

Even though I can be incredibly selfish and narcissistic at times, deep down I am a very giving and caring person.  I had it all planned out to take him a gift.  Since he’s a musician, and I just happen to work in a music store, I thought it would be awesome if I made up a guitar care package for him as a surprise.  He’s a great musician and I adore him, and I just happened to notice once that he didn’t have a case for his guitar, so that’s what started the ball rolling in my head.  He could probably really use all of this stuff and would appreciate it.  He’s also a great guy who deserves to get a treat like this.  Not to mention that I had high hopes of seeing a big smile on his face when he opened it.

I gathered up a case, strings, pics, tuner, strap (a KISS one because even though it is a bit garish, it’s his favorite band), a wall hanger for his guitar, and some other random stuff.  I had to text him to ask what kind of strings he liked, and I tried not to sound too suspicious with my asking.  I wrapped it all nice and pretty in the music wrapping paper that we have at the store and put it in the trunk of my car.  It was all ready to go, and so was I.

Today I sent him a text just to say that I was really excited about seeing him, and that I had a surprise for him.  His response was not one of excitement, but more along the lines of ‘oh, you shouldn’t have.’  Then tonight I get a text from him saying that he’s had a family emergency and will be out of town tomorrow.  Now, I don’t know whether to believe him or not.  I don’t know if I’m being overly paranoid, or if fate just doesn’t want us to ever see each other again.  After all, this is the third or fourth time that our plans to hang out have fallen through.

Of course I don’t want to ask him if that’s really the truth, or if my mentioning that I have a surprise for him may have scared him off, or maybe he just met someone else that he would rather spend his time with.  I opted not to ask him anything.  I just said “OK, maybe some other time.”

The worst part is how crushed I felt.  Not because I had the gift that I really wanted to give him, but because I won’t get to see him.  I was really looking forward to that.  It’s been so long since I’ve seen him.  Now I feel like I may have screwed it all up.

Then more thoughts run through my head about how he probably is just a flake and I shouldn’t waste my time on him.  What if I’m wrong though?  What if he is telling me the truth?  What if I’m just letting my insecurities take over?  It all just sucks.

I sent him one last text asking when he would be back.  I haven’t received a reply.  I’m guessing that’s not a good sign.  I could be wrong though.  I usually am about most things.

Chasing Donkeys with the Preacher’s Daughters

As usual we were running late for work.  Fallen Angel and Little Bubba were already in the truck and ready to go.  As I hopped up into her giant truck I got a glimpse of something in the back yard.  I asked my sister, “Did you know that there are donkeys in our back yard?”  She yelled, “What?  Oh my God!”  Indeed there was one large donkey, and one smaller donkey taking a stroll through our back yard.

We both got out of the truck, and she headed to the barn for some rope and a feed bucket.  Her plan was to gently ease up on the two trespassers, offer them some feed, then at the opportune moment, try to get a rope around them.  Easier said than done.

When she started down the hill toward them they caught on and started to walk in the opposite direction.  Then they started trotting.  As they headed around the other side of the house, she trotted along behind them, only stopping long enough to yell for me to drive the truck around to the front of the house.  I did as she asked and we managed to run them along the fence, up to the gate to the horse pasture.  Her new plan was to wrangle them into the horse pasture, and keep them there until we could find their owner.

Unfortunately, when they saw the truck coming toward’s them, they bolted in the other direction.  I took off after them, but that didn’t work either.  Evidently my “Dukes of Hazzard” style of driving was too frightening for them, and they split up, ran off in different directions, and disappeared into the woods.  Little Bubba enjoyed the ride though.  As I gunned it he yelled, “Go, [Ginger], go!” laughing all the way.

After much running and chasing we finally gave up.  We were seriously late for work, and didn’t think chasing donkeys was going to be an acceptable excuse.

And that was how our morning started.

Happy humping!

Bad Harry! Bad, bad Harry!

Before my heart stops racing and before I go on a binge breaking things…

This morning I was to meet Harry for breakfast at the local Huddle House.  We met.  Now I’m at work and ready to spit nails into someone’s tires.

When I got there he was already sitting in the booth.  I sat down, we ordered, and he just stared at me and smiled.  I told him about our tenants moving out, and about the possible buyer on the house.  When I mentioned that I just hate not knowing how long I’ll be here and what is going on, he had kind of a weird guilty look on his face.  I knew something was up.

Then he said, “There’s something that I wanted to talk to you about.  I should have told you last week, but I couldn’t.”  Great.  What now?  Then he went on to tell me that his friends had talked him into giving it another shot with his wife, and he had moved, as in really moved, back in with his wife, but he really likes me and wants to keep seeing me.  WHAT THE HELL?

This is EXACTLY what I told him I didn’t want to happen.  I told him in the beginning that I didn’t want to start seeing him and then have him turn around and decide he was going back with his wife or ex-girlfriend.

I feel like an idiot.  I saw the red flags, and I chose to ignore them.

Any way, I told him that I refused to be the “other woman.”  If he wanted to try to work things out with his wife, then he should do so and give it his all…with no girlfriends on the side.  I even told him that I hoped things worked out for them.

All he could say was that he was sorry.

Sorry my ass.  I didn’t even eat my breakfast.  My appetite was gone.  I brought it back for my sister to eat instead.  From my pain, comes her gain.

I’m trying to remain calm about all this, because I didn’t even really have anything vested into the relationship yet, but it still pisses me off.  Deep breaths and happy thoughts….

On the bright side, now I have something to write about.  And…I no longer have evil thoughts about how I should stick around here.  I still owe you an explanation on why I probably shouldn’t move back to New Orleans, but I’ll post that in a separate post, soon.  (Just so you know, I would really, really like to move back to NOLA.)

Happy humping.

The Tenants from Hell

You may recall that back in April of this year my sister rented out our basement to a couple I later called Awesome Man & Awesome Woman due to their wonderful woodworking & auto mechanic skills.  All that has changed.  They are no longer awesome in any way.  I’ll explain.

After they moved in they told us that they had a six-month old baby girl.  We were told that she was up North with his family because AW & AM  had recently moved down here to take care of AW’s dying mother, who we later found out was a drug dealer, and they wanted to get settled before bringing the baby down.  Of course that sounded odd, but they didn’t seem like the sharpest tools in the shed anyway, so we just said OK and let it go.

A couple of weeks after the Crawfish Boil, we were all hanging out on the porch talking and enjoying a beer.  My sister went inside to check on something and while she was gone, AM said something about AW looking really good for having had kids.  I agreed.  Then she said that she couldn’t believe she was in such good of shape after giving birth FIVE times.  What?!  Five times?!  I was certain I must have heard her wrong.  She’s not much older than my sister and she had only mentioned the one baby prior to that.  I was shocked and confused and afraid to say anything for fear of sounding judgmental, but I wanted to ask her where the hell her other kids were.

I mentioned it to my sister the next day, and she agreed that I must have misunderstood.  It just all sounded too insane.  If she had five kids, then why weren’t the other four with her?  We were both extremely confused.

The next day my sister got a chance to talk to AM for a few minutes and managed to find out that Continue reading

No more freaking out

Just following up with you on my “I’m Freaking Out” post from a week ago.  My boss still hasn’t told me if he figured out what happened to the missing money from that Saturday.  It wasn’t taken out of my paycheck so I guess I’m in the clear.  I really wish he’d tell me if they figured it out though.  He’s been in the store here for a total of maybe thirty minutes in a week.  Everything seems to be going to hell, and unfortunately he’s taking us all with him.  All of the employees here are disgruntled now because of the moving and mayhem that’s been going on for the last couple of weeks.  I will be really surprised if he has anyone left working for him after the end of the year.

When I went in to work this past Saturday I made sure to count the money before I put it in the drawer.  I wrote my total down and at the end of the day I did another count of what I had in the drawer, printed out a report that showed my sales for the day, and then I compared it to what I should have had in the drawer.  I was one penny off.  I put everything in the bag, including my printout and handwritten totals.

I didn’t work yesterday, so I didn’t expect to hear from my boss until today, if at all.  I guess I’ll just have to wait and see.

Also, I took Single Blonde‘s advice and have kept Harry away from my workplace.  Not that it matters much now because my boss hasn’t really been here in over a week, but it’s better to be careful at this point.

Happy humping!