Batten down the hatches

There’s a storm coming.  You might have heard about it already.  My thoughts?  The only thing that should be blowing around here is me.

The people in this small town have already cleaned Wal-Mart out of water and D-batteries.  My sister and I have not bought anything.  We tend to under-prepare for things like this.  I did manage to go buy a carton of cigarettes yesterday though.  So as far as I’m concerned, let it rip.  I’ve got my smokes, so I can handle anything.

People keep saying that it’s an omen because it’s supposed to hit on the anniversary of Katrina.  I seriously doubt that it will be all that it’s hyped up to be.  Of course as soon as I say that, the whole state of Mississippi will end up being blown clear up into Canada.

I guess I’d better go home and fill up the tub with water & bring my pink Schwinn bike inside.

Happy humping & hold on to your undies!

Hurricane Isaac

5 thoughts on “Batten down the hatches

  1. “The only thing that should be blowing around here is me.” That kinda comment makes me wanna come visit you. lol

    That stormed dumped a lot of rain down here in SoFL. Hopefully, you weathered the storm ok.

  2. Good luck, young lady!
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