Sex in the shower

Our relationship was short-lived and mostly sexual in nature.  It had burst into my life unexpectedly, without pomp or circumstance.  Yet the sex was addictive and powerful.  It never failed to satisfy me.  It was the best sex I had ever had.  Orgasms came like waves, quick and powerful.

So how could I not be surprised and devastated to find out that it was suddenly over, without warning.  It was just…over.  Why?!  I could not find the answer.  The days following the end of our brief relationship were painful, frustrating, and confusing.  I tried, without success, to make things right again.  Nothing worked.  It was over.

I have since moved on, but I will never forget, nor will I ever give up on finding another.  I’m sure they sell them at Lowe’s or Home Depot or Wal-Mart or somewhere.  That was the best massaging shower head I’ve ever had.

So sad.

Happy humping (& massaging)!

5 thoughts on “Sex in the shower

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