Mending Fences with the Preacher’s Daughters


Yes, the photo above is of our wonderful attempt at building a makeshift fence.  My sister, Fallen Angel, needed to fix it where the horses could be let out into a different part of the pasture to graze.  Unfortunately, during our attempts to make some extra cash, she sold the panels that were originally along this part of the fence.  So Thursday evening after dinner she asked if I would help her fix the fence.  She had cooked dinner so I couldn’t really say no.  She tends to do things like that.  She bribes me with food or empty compliments.  I always know what she’s up to, but I let her get away with it anyway.

Fallen Angel, Little Bubba, and I drove the truck across the road to the pasture.  She cranked up the stereo and we got to work.  Well, sort of.  A really good song came on and

I tried to get Little Bubba to dance with me, but he just looked at me like I was crazy.  Then she came over dragging some old beat up wire mesh/fencing stuff.  I’m not sure what it’s called exactly.  Maybe you can tell me.  It’s to the left in the picture.  Anyway, she held it while I used my new favorite tool, a heavy duty stapler, to attach it to the remaining posts.  Hey, whatever works, right?

So after attaching the wire stuff she decided that we would use the flag streamers and an old clothes rack (center of photo) to brace up the middle.  Again, I used my handy dandy stapler to secure everything.  Most of these materials either came from the yard or the Preacher’s old shop.  He left a menagerie of tools, building supplies, wood scraps, and miscellaneous stuff here, and we have made use of as much of it as possible.  Sometimes when you are short on cash, you just have to get creative.  It may not look very pretty, but it serves its purpose.

As we were putting up our makeshift fence, my sister said, “If Dad were to see this he’d shit.”  She’s right.  He would not be happy about our creative fence mending.  However, he’s not here to do it properly, so if/when he does see it he’d better keep his comments to himself.

The fence stayed intact up until early this morning when the horses pushed part of the wire down.  It was just enough time for them to chow down on the grass and get it back under control.  To me that’s the best thing about horses.  They are nature’s lawn mowers.

Happy humping and have a wonderful holiday weekend!

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