When Endymion Smiles

There are just some days when I can’t help but think that I’m living a charmed life.  Here I am, a 37 year-old southern girl, living in a beautiful apartment right damn smack in the heart of New Orleans.  To top it off I spent the afternoon enjoying the attentions of my new young man, Endymion, and then writing and enjoying the beautiful day from the balcony.  I don’t think I could ask for a better day, or life, now.

I really don’t have anything deep or meaningful to tell you now, so I’ll just tell you a few things that made me smile instead.

Endymion came over about noon today.  We had discussed watching a movie, so I picked one out for us to pretend to watch.  My choice was Waking Ned Devine.  He had seen it already, but that didn’t really matter.  It’s not like we were actually going to watch it anyway.

Less than five minutes after he got here, as I was putting the DVD in the player, he came up behind me and started to run his hand up my skirt.  I managed to get the movie started and then he sat down on the bed and pulled me over to him and kissed me.  He did apologize for not being able to control himself, but he also said he just couldn’t wait.  That’s understandable.  😉

"Christmas has come early this year, Kitty." Michael O'Sullivan

As we stood out on the balcony later, he asked me how I would introduce him if we were on the street and ran into someone I knew.  I told him I would introduce him like I would anyone else.  (I wanted to say that I’d introduce him as my “24 year-old big-dicked boy-toy,” but I didn’t.)  I asked how he would introduce me.  He hesitated a moment, then said with a sly grin on his face, “I don’t know. I guess I’d say, ‘this is Ginger, my math tutor.'”  LOL  My response?  “Maybe sex ed tutor would be better.”  He laughed.

We came back to the bedroom for another round.  After we were done, he told me to lay on my side so we could spoon.  He told me that he likes to cuddle.  Wow.  Really?  A man who actually enjoys cuddling?  Those exist?  Cool.

Later he complimented me on my awesome oral skills.  I believe his exact words were, “Oh my God you are so good at that.”

Then for the grand finale.  Endymion is a college student.  He told me he needed to leave soon.  I assumed he had a class to go to.  He got up and as he was putting on his black shirt he said that he had to wear a collared shirt to seminary.  Wait.  Did I hear that right?  Seminary?  He then said that everyone else wears the black suits and shirts with priest collars, but he just had to wear a shirt with a collar.  Uh, ok.

Come to find out, my young man spends a lot of his time with priests, and in seminary, because he’s studying Latin.  I knew about the Latin part, but not about the seminary and priests parts.

So here I am corrupting this poor boy, ravaging him, and then sending him off to hang out at church with the priests.  I do believe there is a special kind of hell for people like me.  Ego sum perfututum. (I am totally fucked.)

Happy humping!

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