Cougar or Cradle Robber?

So what is the difference between being a cougar and being a cradle robber?  I was curious so I looked it up.

According to a cougar is:

The short answer: A cougar is an older woman who is primarily attracted to and has sex with significantly younger men.

Answer: The most commonly accepted definition of a cougar is a woman 40 years of age or older who exclusively pursues very young men. The onset of the cougar years is hotly debated. Some feel that a cougar can be as young as 35, but women of this age would not be viewed as cougars unless their sexual conquests were no older than 25; the ten-year age difference seems to be an unspoken but accepted minimum between partners.

*As I am not yet 40, I fall into the hotly debated area.  As Endymion is only 24, and there is a 13 year age difference, which is greater than the required 10 year difference, that would still qualify me as a cougar.

According to the Urban Dictionary a cradle robber is defined as:

A person who taps people significantly younger than he/she is. If X is the older person’s age then they are a cradle robber if they date a person who is less than half of their age plus 7 years. But for this function to work, X must be greater than or equal to 18. (Y = .5X + 7 X:18,infinity))

*So according to this formula, I am 37, half of that is 18.5, 18.5 plus 7 is 25.5.   Endymion is 24 years old, so the age difference is greater than the minimum of 11.5 years.  I assume this qualifies me as a cradle robber.

Enough with all that math crap.  It seems I am both a cougar and a cradle robber.  Well, at least I’m not a gold digger.

My first meeting with Endymion went very well.  We sat on the balcony and talked for a while.  He was extremely attracted to me and did not hesitate to tell me so.  I found him to be quite attractive as well.  He is very cerebral and didn’t seem like the typical 24-year-old college frat boy.  On the other hand, he still was young enough that he had a hard time keeping his raging hormones in check.  It’s OK though.  I told him I’d slap him if he went too far.  😉  I didn’t have to slap him by the way.

We made plans to meet again this coming week.  He suggested we go out on a real “date” next time, “like to dinner or a movie.”  It was so cute the way he said it.  LOL  I agreed that it would probably be a good idea.  Hanging out in my apartment is cool and all, but people sometimes behave differently in public and I’m curious to see how he acts.  I don’t think he will act much differently.  He seems to be a pretty normal down-to-earth kid guy.

Until next time…

Happy humping!

11 thoughts on “Cougar or Cradle Robber?

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