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Manwhore’s Whores: The Saga Continues

So the other night after Manwhore told me that he and Witchy Poo were no longer together, he went out to see a “friend” (Whore #14) and didn’t get back home until in the wee hours of the morning.  (Haha! I just realized that the Witch was lucky Whore #13!)  Anyway, as I was saying…

The next night he came home and said a friend was coming over at 6:00 pm.  When she showed up I was in my room as usual, but he of course brought her in to introduce us.  I really wish he wouldn’t even bother doing that.  I said hi to Whore #14 and then went on with what I was doing.

Come 7:30 pm he had to leave to go do a tour, so he left her here.  She actually sat on the couch watching tv, smoking and drinking.  I stayed in my room.  I couldn’t believe he left me there alone with someone he just met the night before.  The anger began to swell inside me.

He got home later that night.  She was still here.  A little while later, the lights in the living room were off and I had to go put my ice cream back in the freezer.  So I walked through the living room to the kitchen.  Evidently I interrupted something because not long after I went back to my room and closed the door she left.

He sent me a text today saying that she was pissed off at him because I walked in on them.  It wasn’t my fault.  He should have warned me.  He made a comment about her being a little off anyway, so I asked, “So she’s good enough to fuck, but not enough to date?”  He said “neither.”  That’s not what it looked like to me.  LOL  So I think that’s the end of Whore #14.

Tonight he brought home Whore #15.  She’s actually a pretty lady in the “Southern Beauty Shop Hairdresser/Tammy Faye Bakker” sort of way.  However, when I walked through the living room she was sitting on the couch.  I completely ignored her.  I was still feeling bad and in no mood for pleasantries with any of his whores.

Evidently she or he felt that we needed to be introduced though.  I was standing by the balcony door smoking and he came in to tell me they were leaving.  He called my name and said “here I want you to meet (I honestly forgot her name 2 seconds after he said it).”  Then she popped in the kitchen door and said hi.  I looked at her, tried to smile, and then looked back at him and then back to her.  Then I told him I was going to go get my medicine, and then turned and went back to smoking my cigarette.  The look on her face was priceless.  They promptly left.

They just came back in a few minutes ago.  Manwhore came over and was asking me about ordering some signs when she walked over and asked if I got my medicine.  I don’t know why she cares.  I ignored her completely.

They are in the living room now.  I know if I walk back through there I’ll have to see her again and I’m getting tired of ignoring her.  I know it’s not her fault that she’s Whore #15, but I can tell she’s trash just by looking at her.  I don’t care if that’s what he wants, I just wish he didn’t bring the trash home with him.

It looks like he may be going on another Whore bender again.  The worst part about his benders is that there’s a different one here almost every night & I can’t even enjoy watching TV in the living room.  When the hell am I supposed to watch my Vampire Diaries?!  LOL

I also know that my mood is in the crapper now and I’m being a complete bitch.  I told my sister earlier that I was in a very evil mood.  I’m not sure why.  I just am.

Speaking of being evil…I’m supposed to meet my little 24 year old boy toy, Endymion, tomorrow morning.  Endymion is Latin for “a beautiful young man, loved by the Moon.”  I’m a cancer, a moonchild.  😉  That should be interesting.  Muwahahahahaha!

Happy humping!

It’s a blacktop blur

Yes, it’s me!  I’m back!  I know it’s been entirely too long since I posted anything, but I do have reasonably legitimate excuses.  I will go into those in a bit.  First I have to tell you that I was reminded today, by one who will not be named, that I need to keep writing even when I don’t feel like it or think I have the time.  It’s true.  Sometimes things happen in life that make us feel like we’re drowning, but that’s just all the more reason to keep our heads up and keep on swimming.  So I’m putting my floaties on and going for it.

I have to tell you first that I got a new tattoo just before going up to see my sister two weeks ago.  It’s on my left wrist.  It’s my first and middle names.  The whole time I was visiting my parents, they never even noticed.  I think that’s a sign that they are getting old and senile, but I still love them.  Just sayin’. LOL

So here are my excuses for not writing, as weak as they may be.  First of all my beautiful mother had a heart attack over a week ago.  I was already up at my sister’s helping her out with Little Bubba for a few days when we got the news.  She and I decided to head up to see Mom in the hospital the next day.  It was a long drive that should have only taken six hours, but with Little Bubba along for the ride it ended up taking almost nine hours.

The visit with Mom, Little Brother, and the Preacher was good.  Mom had to stay in the hospital an extra day so we ended up having to leave before she actually went home.  She’s back home now though and feeling a little better.  Hopefully the Preacher won’t stress her out to the point that she ends up back in the hospital.

Also during all of that, my sister, the Blonde Bombshell Fallen Angel, came up with another grand plan.  We’re going to have a Trail Ride & Crawfish Boil next month and sell tickets to make the money for the next house payment.  I thought it was a pretty good idea at first, and still do, but I also know it’s going to be a lot of work.  It’s already been a lot of work and it’s still weeks away.  We have managed to get a band booked, find someone to cook hundreds of pounds of crawfish, and people to help with running the shindig.  Overall I think it’s going very well.  Now we just need to sell about 300 tickets and it will be a huge success.

Also, my sister, my beautiful ever so smart sister, decided that we needed to have a raffle at this event so that we could make even more money.  She pondered a while about what to raffle off, then it came to her.  She decided she would raffle me off.  One night with the Preacher’s Daughter in the little cabin on the farm.  Wasn’t that sweet of her to think of me?

"What you do suck the head until the eyes quiver and then stop." Fallen Angel

Let’s see…what else?  Oh.  Mountain Man and Rocketman.  Well, to put it plainly, those are about two of the flakiest guys I’ve ever met.  Mountain Man informed me that he was moving back out west, and then Rocketman told me he watched his ex-girlfriend and her new boyfriend have sex one night, and then Rocketman said that he was getting back together with said ex-girlfriend.  So they are history.

I haven’t really had time to do much dating lately due to being a constant road-warrior.  I finally got home on Sunday, just in time to have to drive around for an hour looking for parking due to French Quarter Fest.  Then yesterday I had to go to the emergency room because I thought I had pneumonia.  I was having chest pains, difficulty breathing, and dizzy spells, but it turned out just to be severe bronchitis.  Now I just feel like I’ve been in a fight with a very large gorilla, but I’m sure I’ll recover soon enough with the help of modern science (insert sarcastic laugh here).

Today I had to start my new “job” working as an indentured servant for Manwhore.  I’m helping to promote his new tour business.  I already did his website, brochures, and all that crap.  Now he’s talked me into being his tour pimp.  This puts me completely out of my comfort zone because I’m actually a very introverted person when it comes to strangers and large groups of people.  However, when necessary, I can push myself into doing things that I normally wouldn’t feel comfortable doing.  It’s all about will power.  I never claimed to have a lot of that, especially when it comes to men and sex, but in this case I have managed to muster up just enough.  Just enough to keep Manwhore off my back and paying me to do this for him.

By the way, Witchy Poo is no more.  She evidently annoyed him to the point that he had to cut off all communication with her.  Thank God.  Witchy Poo was just a crazy gold-digger anyway.  After she was rude to me one night and all but ignored me, I was not a fan of hers, and it seems I was not the only one.  Manwhore’s business partner didn’t like her either.

Overall I’m happier than I’ve been in years.  I am unemployed, but not really.  I have a “job” that allows me to wander around the French Quarter talking to people, stopping for a beer if I so choose (haven’t yet, but might), and I get to listen to the great musicians playing in the streets.  Today there were two really good trombone players outside of Rouse’s Market and, being a former t-bone player myself, I thoroughly enjoyed the fact that I was able to stop and listen for a few minutes worry-free.  I even had time to stop and visit with a friend who I haven’t seen in a while.

Sometimes I sink into my little shell and forget that there’s a world outside worth taking a peek at, and that’s not healthy.  I need to make myself get out more and do things that are outside my comfort zone, and by God, I’m gonna like it.  LOL

This isn't who I saw today, but I've seen these guys before. They're actually pretty good. (Note to self: Take more pictures.)

I may still be single and haven’t had sex in entirely too long, but that’s OK.  I am learning to cope.

Happy humping!