A Double What???

I had to share this real quick.  Remember Santa?  Well, he sent me a message on Plenty of Fish yesterday asking if we were ever going to meet.  He said that he is going to a party tomorrow night and wanted to know if I would like to go with him.  My first thought was, I wonder what kind of party it is.  Turns out I was right to wonder that.

He sent me a text later saying that he wasn’t sure if he was going because it’s about a half hour away.  He also said that it’s a “double gang bang party.”  WTF?

Yeah, at that point I didn’t know what to say or how to respond so I just stopped responding all together.  I definitely don’t want to be one half of the double getting gang banged, so I’m going to leave that one alone.  I may have my wild side, but it comes to a complete and full stop at gang banging.

Happy humping!

3 thoughts on “A Double What???

  1. Double your pleasure? Double your fun??
    Just because you “double” something does not make it better. This is like in the 90’s when everything was “xtreme” or “ultimate”. “Double Gang Bang” actually sounds like a punishment for losing in a crazy Japanese game show.

    Run. Don’t walk hun.

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