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Here’s the situation…

Now that I’ve updated you on my “employment situation“, now I can update you on my “man situation.”

Last week I didn’t get to see Rocketman because he was sick with that nasty bug that’s been going around.  I hate that he was sick, but I think it was good that we were forced to stay away from one another for a while.  It gave us both time to think and figure out how to deal with his friend Mountain Man.  Neither one of us wanted to hurt Mountain Man’s feelings, and Rocketman didn’t want to lose his friend’s trust either.  We kept our texting to a minimum and in the mean time Rocketman tried to get a feel for how Mountain Man was feeling about me.

It seems that even though Mountain Man hadn’t really been texting/messaging me all that much, he still wished he & I could hang out more.  That news surprised me because I had hoped his lack of communication meant that he had forgotten about me and moved on.  Since that was not the case we decided to lay low for a while longer and see if Mountain Man would eventually forget about me.

When I got back from my sister’s on Sunday I sent Rocketman a text to say hi and that it really sucked not being able to hang out with him.  He agreed and started formulating a new plan.

I have to add here that I recently read somewhere that when we (humans) make plans, God giggles.  I think that’s true.  I also read that any delays we encounter are only designed to put us in exactly the right place at exactly the right time.  Again, that seems to be true.  If I hadn’t of gone and met Mountain Man that day, I probably never would have met Rocketman.

I got a text yesterday afternoon from Rocketman.  He said he talked to Mountain Man and told him that he kept seeing my profile on Plenty of Fish (not the full truth, but close enough), and if he wasn’t going to pursue me, would it be cool if he messaged me.  Mountain Man didn’t have any objections, so maybe things will work out after all.  If it works out to where I can date Rocketman, be friends with Mountain Man, and not upset the balance of their relationship, thereby avoiding any weird Fleetwood Mac drama, then that would be great.

We immediately made plans to hang out tomorrow night. 🙂  At this point I’m so happy that I’ll get to see him soon because after the day I had yesterday I need a good distraction.  Not that he’s just a distraction.  I really like him too.  He’s a great guy and so far it seems that he’s just as smitten with me as I am with him.  Could he be my moth?  I could definitely be his.

As a side note…life in New Orleans has been very interesting so far.  I’ve had a lot of fun here, drank quiet a lot here, shed a few tears here, met a few crazies here, and met a lot of talented artists and musicians here.  There’s a reason why this is called the city that care forgot, and I think it’s starting to rub off on me.

Happy humping!

The wheel in the sky keeps on turnin’

It seems that when one nice thing happens, something terrible has to happen right after that, then something good, and so on and so forth.  It’s an endless cycle.  Maybe it’s God’s way of keeping us from being too settled in…keeping us on our toes.  Either that or he loves playing practical jokes on us.

I was sitting in my office yesterday morning doing my usual dredging through the mountains of paperwork when our CPA (and basically my boss) walks in.  I usually don’t see her because she has a day job elsewhere and only comes by at night, so I was a little surprised to see her walk in yesterday morning.  She said she needed to talk to me.  Oh, shit.  That’s never a good thing to hear.

Indeed she had bad news.  Evidently things just weren’t working out and she needed to let me go.  Well, fuck a duck.  She didn’t even really tell me what I had done wrong.  Only that she needed someone with more experience.  Well shouldn’t she have thought about that before she hired me?  Plus I have 20 years experience.  How much more experience does she want?  I think she found someone else for the job.  Someone they know, if you know what I mean, and I was just a seat warmer.  Nepotism is a bitch boys and girls.

So now I’m unemployed again.  As soon as I got home I filed for my unemployment and started looking for another job.  I haven’t told Manwhore yet.  He was out with Witchy Poo and another friend distributing brochures for his new tour business.  I’m not looking forward to that conversation.  Maybe it won’t be too bad though.  Maybe he’ll show a little compassion and understanding since I didn’t really do anything to deserve being fired.  Hey, a girl can dream can’t she?  In the mean time I told my sister that I would try to hold off on telling him as long as possible.  She said to have a bag packed just in case.  LOL

The good news is that I just got a call about a job, and now I have an interview at 3:00 pm today.  Yay!  Wish me luck!

Happy humping!