Double trouble…make that triple trouble.

I haven’t had time to write much lately because of work and life in general so here’s a quick update post.  (It started out quick, but ended up taking a week to write.)

I pretty much dodged & ignored Santa until he stopped texting/emailing me.  I did the same thing to Ironman, except for different reasons.  He was entirely too forward for my tastes and I wasn’t attracted to him enough to be able to ignore that fact.

There have been a few others who I met on POF and was talking to off & on, but they too fell by the wayside.  I did go out with one guy, Mountain Man, a week ago Sunday who seemed really nice, but he was a good bit older than me and not as outgoing as I normally like.  He also looks eerily like my aunt’s ex-husband.  When I met up with him he was hanging out with his best friend, Rocketman, and his female friend.  They all seemed very nice.  Rocketman was very talkative and asked me a lot of questions, which made me a little uncomfortable because I was there with Mountain Man.  I found it a little odd that Rocketman was paying so much attention to me.

Mountain Man and I ended up leaving the bar not even an hour later and walked around the French Quarter and then up the river walk.  I did have a good time with him, but we just didn’t seem to have a lot in common.  After I said goodbye to him, Manwhore sent me a text asking if I wanted to go get some dinner somewhere.  When I met up with Manwhore he asked me how I liked Mountain Man.  I told him that he was nice and I liked him, but that’s all.  He immediately said, “So he’s not the one.”  I was a little taken aback, but after thinking about it he was probably right.  I just try to give people a decent chance before completely writing them off as not “the one.”

Since I had pretty much decided that even though Mountain Man was a nice respectable guy, he was not “the one.”  Fortunately though, he had a friend, and his friend messaged me on OKCupid.  His message simply said, “Hi! We actually met in the Quarter last week. Rocketman….Mountain Man’s friend… 🙂 Drop me a line and say Hi if u want.”

I thought it was really nice of him to message me, even though it was a bit embarrassing that he found me on OKCupid.  We messaged back and forth a few times and then he said, “Mountain Man really liked you. (He didn’t put me up to writing you…I stumbled across you and wanted to say Hi!) (and good thing he found you first lol) Any chance you’ll be joining us on any of our excursions? :-)”  I knew right then that this was going to be tricky.  I already knew that Mountain Man wasn’t “the one” and I also knew that I had seen Rocketman’s profile before and really liked it.  What to do, what to do?  Decisions, decisions.

Then he wrote, “Was pretty smitten with you and I know I should prolly just hush lol!”  Now how was I supposed to resist that?  Smitten?  I like the thought of smiting someone.  Oh, crap.  Here I go again.

I couldn’t help myself.  I immediately began what I like to call “skirty flirting.”  That’s where you don’t want to blatantly flirt with someone either because they are supposed to be off-limits, or because you’re just testing the waters, so you “skirt around” it and slyly flirt with someone.  We ended up exchanging numbers so we could text, you know, because texting is so much easier. *Wink wink*

All of that happened on a Thursday.  By Friday we were texting back and forth all day and decided to meet later that night.  We went to dinner, then to a couple of bars for drinks, then back to my apartment for a nightcap.  This is the point where it all went to hell, well, almost.

Manwhore was here when we came in.  He said hello to Rocketman and I thought everything was cool.  They had met briefly earlier that evening because Rocketman met me at a bar where I was having a beer with Manwhore and a few of his friends.  Once they said hello, Rocketman and I went into my bedroom.  When I went into the kitchen Manwhore went off on me.  He told me how he couldn’t live there anymore, how he couldn’t handle another man coming over all the time, and how I needed to be more careful about bringing men home.  Oh really?  Well, first of all I don’t bring men home very often, secondly it was the first time that Rocketman had even come over.  It’s not like I had him moving in already.  This conversation went on for about ten minutes then I went into my room.

A few minutes later he asked me to come back into the kitchen to talk to him.  I did and it started all over again.  It got to a point where I just broke down and started begging him to just leave and move on out so I could have some peace.  With tears flowing down my face I repeatedly told him that I would never do anything like that to him.  I would never have embarrassed him like that.  I told Manwhore that he was being a dumb-ass and I would never embarrass him in front of one of his whores like he was embarrassing me in front of Rocketman.  Rocketman wasn’t in the kitchen, but I know he could hear Manwhore yelling at me.

Eventually Manwhore stopped long enough to stop yelling at me and listen.  Maybe it was the tears.  May it was my begging.  Or maybe it was just that he finally saw how much I had gone through and the feelings for him that I had pushed out of myself so that I could try to move on and be happy with someone who actually cared about me.

I asked why he had exploded like he did.  His answer was that he was just watching out for me, and then he admitted the truth, even if it was shrouded in an air of insignificance.  He said that he was also a little jealous.  I dare to say it was more than just a little jealousy.  However, jealousy and all aside, he did manage to come to his senses, calm down, and apologize to me.  He even apologized to Rocketman.

After that I had a wonderful time with Rocketman.  I couldn’t believe he wasn’t bothered in the least by what had happened with Manwhore earlier.  I suppose the apology worked.  Rocketman doesn’t seem like the type to hold a grudge or to feel threatened by another man.  Thank God.

A couple of days after that I went to meet Rocketman for a beer and lunch and again we had a great time.  I had mentioned to him that first night that my headlights on my car had shorted out so I couldn’t drive at night.  (You may remember that they went out the night that Art & I were supposed to drive up to see his kids.)  So as we were driving back to the Quarter, he tells me to pull over at an Auto Zone.  He pops the hood, finds the problem, and gets out his tools.  In the end, it cost me $20 for parts, and a lot of ass kissing afterwards (completely voluntary by the way) to get my headlights working again.

I sent my sister, Fallen Angel, a text while he was fixing them.  I told her what he was doing.  Her reply?  “OMG”  My reply?  “I know. Right? He’s a keeper for sure. LOL”

That was how last weekend went, and now a new weekend is on the horizon.  I leave tomorrow afternoon to go up to my sister’s house.  We have to drive my mom back home this weekend, so I won’t be back until Sunday.  Rest assured that any time my mother, my sister, Little Bubba and I take a road trip, something interesting is bound to happen.  I’ll be sure to fill you in when I get back.  Until then…

Happy humping!

7 thoughts on “Double trouble…make that triple trouble.

    • Things seem to be ok with Mountain Man. I think Rocketman talked to him. I’ll explain more in my next post. 🙂

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