Archive | March 7, 2012

Welcome to the She-woman Man-haters Club

So here’s the thing.  Over the last week my sister & I have been brainstorming trying to figure out how to keep my parents from losing their house (the one that’s been for sale for almost a year now).  She decided that we should try to rent it out.  The other part of her plan was that she & Little Bubba would move into my dad’s old cabin/office that is across the road. Then she found someone who just wanted to rent the basement.  So now she wants to rent the basement and the cabin, live in the house, and then board horses in the barn for extra cash.  She can’t afford to live alone in the house though.  She wants me to live there with them.

I just love how her plans blossom into full-blown schemes that always include me without my consent.  This is better than what we had discussed earlier in the week though.  She’s been on a tirade all week and kept saying she just wanted to burn shit.  I was getting worried that she might just start a bonfire somewhere.  She says it cleanses out the evil spirits.  LOL  I think all it really does is allow her to vent some pent-up anger.  But if she’s going to start burning shit then I’m going to have to start shooting shit.  I need to do some target practice anyway. 😉

In all of my infinite wisdom I suggested that we start a commune at the house.  We could invite a couple of other single female friends to move in and just have one big happy family full of She-women Man-haters.  Poor Little Bubba.  He’s going to be so screwed up.

After carefully considering my proposal she said that we didn’t have any friends so it would have to be just the two of us, oh, and Little Bubba.

The odd thing is that we love men, we just can’t live with them, deal with them, or understand them.  It’s an awful predicament to be in.

Oh, and one last thing. She said that a single guy called about renting the basement and he sounded cute. Then she told me that I’m not allowed to sleep with the tenants. The fact that she felt the need to point that out to me is disturbing. LOL

Happy humping!