Archive | March 4, 2012

Dismal Day

I have a favorite song and a favorite band.  No, it’s not Willie Nelson.  He’s my favorite singer.  My favorite band is Bread and my favorite song is Dismal Day.  I’m not sure why I love this song so much.  I do love Guitar Man, Truckin’ and Diary too.  Maybe I love Dismal Day because it’s upbeat, yet sad, beautiful, yet simple.  Anyway here it is.

Swinging with Santa

Now y’all already know that I’ve been on Plenty of Fish off and on for a while now.  During another fit of boredom yesterday evening I set my profile to unhidden.  As I was going through their “meet me” feature on my phone, consistently hitting the “No” button, someone caught my eye.  I paused for a minute before hitting the “No” button.  I’ll admit that the Santa hat and goofy smile sort of appealed to me.  Instead of hitting the “No” button, I clicked to view his profile.  He’s not too far away and is the same age as me.  He seemed cool, but I didn’t bother messaging him.  I did show the picture of him wearing the Santa hat to Manwhore just for fun.  His reaction?  “What a goofball.”  In which I replied, “But he’s a cute goofball.”

At about 6:30 pm I got a message from him. “Hey there. ****** here. Hope you had a great week.”  It was a nice short message so I replied, and then this morning I had a message from him which included his phone number.  We were texting back and forth all day and he emailed me about a dozen pictures.  Some of which were a little revealing so say the least.  Then he called me this afternoon and we had a nice little conversation.  Manwhore walked in just as I was hanging up the phone.

I walked out into the living room as he was coming through the door and he said, “What’s with the big goofy smile?”  I sort of giggled and said I didn’t know and then headed into the kitchen.  Then my phone dinged and it was another email from Santa.  Manwhore was standing behind me looking over my shoulder as I opened the attached picture.  I immediately covered the bottom half of the screen because I caught a quick glimpse of what the picture included.

MH: “What’s that? Let me see.”

So I showed him the picture, well, most of it.  He wasn’t satisfied with just that and took my phone so he could see the whole picture.

MH:  “Oh my God.”

Yeah, I was laughing and blushing at the same time at this point.

Me:  “Well, you said you wanted to see.”

I told him that the guy in the picture was the same one from the Santa cap picture.  Then Art came up in the conversation.  Yeah, I know I wasn’t going to talk about him anymore, but this is an exception to the rule.  I have to to tell the story.

MH:  “So who do you think is better looking?  Santa or Art?  And don’t go by how you feel about Art.  I’m just curious.”

Me:  “Ummm…well…to be honest Art is really handsome, but Santa is better looking…but….”

MH:  “See, I told you you would find someone else.  You’ve already met someone better looking.”

Me:  “But…but I really liked Art.  He was funny and smart and we had so much in common and…”

MH:  “But you will find someone even better.”

Me:  (Rolling my eyes in frustration.) “I know.”

MH:  “So what do you think of Witchy Poo?”

Me:  “I like her.  She’s really nice.  Why?”

MH:  “Good.  She likes you too.  She swings both ways too you know.”

Me:  “Really?  Wow.  Is everyone bisexual now?  I think Santa is bi too.  What the hell?”

My favorite quote of the day: “I may not be fresh, but I’m not stale either.” Me.


So that was my day.  How was yours? 🙂

Happy humping!