Sexy Blog Award

Sexy Blog Award


Rules of the Sexy Blog Award

1. Post 5 sexy suggestions.

2. Post a link to your sexiest blog post.

3. Nominate 5 other sexy bloggers.

4. Let your nominees know they’re sexy.

5 Sexy Suggestions:

  1. On a week night when nothing is really going on and you have no plans, get all dolled up in a cute dress and just lounge around like it’s no big deal.  You’ll feel sexy and relaxed.  Plus it should only take about an hour for your  man to come over and start getting flirty and acting like a love-struck horn-dog.
  2. Smile.  Nothing is sexier than a happy smiling person.
  3. Guys like to be complimented too.  So don’t ignore the fact that he’s looking extremely hot today.  Let him know, and just watch his face light up.
  4. Give porn a chance.  Ladies, you might think that porn is degrading or just plain gross sometimes, but your man doesn’t think so.  If you really want to show him you care, then pop in a porn and watch it with him sometime. 😉
  5. Two words.  Oral sex.  There’s nothing sexier than a little 69 action or just blow jobs and eating out a girl.  Remember, give and you shall receive!  Sharing is caring!  LOL

My Sexiest Blog Post:

Embers of Love & Lust: Playing with Fire

5 Sexy Bloggers:

Snarky Snatch

Women are from Mars


Sex and the City (China)


Thanks to vloves for the award!

Happy humping!

3 thoughts on “Sexy Blog Award

  1. As a guy I totally agree with the post…Sometimes if a man is not in the mood seeing the woman in his life looking sexy will get the motor running. 🙂

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