I need a little sugar in my bowl

Valentine’s Day may have been full of confusion and disappointment, but the rest of the week was so much better.  You all were right.  Communication is the key to understanding what the hell people are thinking and avoiding confusion.  Manwhore decided that he was going to move in with his new “girlfriend” and he let me know via text last weekend.  I told him that was fine as long as he paid me back for the deposit on the apartment.  He agreed to that, so overall I had no problem with him moving out.  I’m not particularly fond of having to find another apartment and move again, but I’m sure I’ll find something in this area that I can afford on my own.  I’m sure as hell not moving out of New Orleans now that I’ve met Art.  I want to at least see where it goes and I also like my new job.  So the Whore Parade may be over, but that’s certainly not the end of my new life in the Big Easy.

I went to hear Art play and sing at a local bar Wednesday night.  Yes, he’s a musician too, not just an artist.  He’s a very well-rounded gentleman.  He even dedicated a song to me, Blue Eyes Crying In The Rain.  My eyes are green, not blue, and I wasn’t crying, except maybe from laughter, but it was raining.  😉  He did a great job on it either way.  It’s not very often that I have a song dedicated to me, so I was ready to pounce him after that.  Even though he did tell me to raise my hand so everyone would know who I was, and he announced that I was a huge Willie fan.  That wouldn’t have been so bad except we were in a bar full of mostly gay men, so of course the double entendre was not lost on them.  I’m sure I blushed, but it was all good.  When he told them that I had “a room full of Willie,” which referred to a conversation he and I had when he came over to my place the first time, someone yelled out, “So you’ve been in her bedroom already huh?!”  Everyone laughed.  I don’t mind a laugh at my expense every now and then. 🙂

After he got through performing he sat down with me and a friend of his and we had a drink and talked.  His friend had warned me earlier that Art was to be cut off after three glasses of wine because any more than that and it would be like Art amplified.  I didn’t see how that could necessarily be a bad thing, and it turned out that it wasn’t.  He’s just funnier and hornier.  Those are never bad things.

I was sort of anxious to see his place because he had been to mine but I still hadn’t seen his yet.  I was curious to see how my little starving artist lived.  He had warned me that it was sort of a hole in the wall.  We left the bar and went to his place.  It really wasn’t that bad.  He said he’s renting it from a friend of his who is also an artist.  There is all sorts of artwork all over the walls and it has a very New Orleans hippy feeling to it.  I like it.  It didn’t take us long to end up naked and doing things that would make Madonna blush.  To be completely honest, I did things with him that I’ve never done with anyone.  I broke through barriers and boundaries that I thought I had permanently in place.  It was awesome.

So that banished my worries about him not being attracted to me.  I had no doubts after that.  Yet I still wondered what had held him back on Tuesday night.  I don’t always get all the answers I want all at once.

We made plans for him to come over and cook dinner last night.  I told him to just let me know what he needed and I would pick it up at the grocery store that afternoon.  This is what his text said:

“White rice, 1 can black-eyed peas, 1 sm can green beans.  A bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon if you want me to get flirty and naked.  I’ll take care of the rest.”

I saw that and about wet myself.  How could I not get butterflies in my tummy over this guy?  He’s so much fun to be with, yet he can still be a little timid and shy sometimes, kind of like me. 😉  I told him that I had already added the wine to my grocery list.  I was going to surprise him with it, you know, to show how thoughtful I can be, but he beat me to it.

So he came over, cooked, we watched part of McGruber and then part of Wayne’s World, talked, and he kept threatening to get naked if he kept drinking the wine.  I finally asked him what would be so wrong with him getting naked.  He explained that he was trying to be a gentleman and not take advantage of me.  Isn’t that sweet?  Yes, but I think he’s more than proven that he is a gentleman.  It was time to get naked and have some real fun.

I managed to calm his nerves and make him understand that I would not think any less of him if he were to take advantage of me.  So he stood up and stripped down right there in the living room.  I was impressed and rewarded him with a killer blowjob.  It’s not often that I can say that I gave a killer blowjob to someone as blessed in the size department as he is.  My mouth is only so big you know.  (This is where not having a roommate comes in very handy.  Manwhore is no longer here to keep me from being naughty anywhere in the house that I want.  Yay!)

We went into the bedroom to continue what we had started.  Again I got confused though.  He still seemed reluctant to penetrate me.  We did everything but that.  Once I had so many orgasms that I was just a puddle of mush, I had to just lay there for a bit and recover.  He was kind of tired too.  I think all the wine finally kicked in too.

That one question kept bugging me though.  Did he not enjoy penetration?  What was up with that?  So I decided to just come right out with it and ask him.  Oddly enough I was able to do it without too much stammering.  He told me that he is very potent and had gotten both of his wives pregnant seven times, only three of which were carried to term.  The others were miscarriages.  He jokingly said he had gotten women pregnant by just sneezing in their general direction.  So I had to explain the whole thing about me having POF and not being able to have children.  I was just trying to ease his mind and let him know that he didn’t have to worry about inadvertently knocking me up.  It just wasn’t a possibility.

Thank God we cleared that up!  Now the real fun can begin!

Happy humping!  Oh, dear Lord, please let there be happy humping for us all!

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