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Help me understand. Please!

I officially hate Valentine’s Day now.  I’m so confused.

First of all this day sucked.  I went to work and had planned all day yesterday & today to go to the store & get the stuff to make a great spaghetti dinner for Art tonight.  When I got to work I found out I had to go sit at city hall for a couple of hours, and then Manwhore sent me a text saying he needed me to go home to let the rental place come and pick up his bed.  So I ended up having no time to go to the grocery store, and had to help the woman load the bed into the van because the idiots sent her alone to get it.  That was fun.

Then I had to clean up the apartment once that was done, get a shower, and get ready for Art to come over.  Since I wasn’t able to cook we went out for Chinese food.  I didn’t care as long as we got to hang out.  We walked around and then came back to my place and watched a movie.

I kept waiting on him to make a move, but he never really did.  This is where my confusion begins.  I’m so not used to guys not groping me and trying to jump my bones all the time that I can’t help but wonder if something is wrong.  Does he not like me?  If not, then why does he keep seeing me?  I’m probably just being paranoid because I’m not used to being with a decent guy, but still…what is he waiting for?  We had sex once already so I don’t understand the sudden slow down.

Arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!  I hate this.  Maybe I should just ask him.  I don’t want to come across as needy or desperate though, even though I am a little at this point.  LOL

I keep telling myself to just breathe and relax.  That it will all be ok.  That he does like me and I’m just being ridiculous.


Oh well.  Happy freaking Valentine’s Day.

Happy humping!

P.S.  Any advice is welcome.  Please!  Help the poor little redheaded preacher’s daughter understand what it means to be in a normal relationship!  Thank you. 😉

My New Boyfriend

As soon as LL Cool Bean broke up with me I decided to get back on Plenty of Fish out of pure boredom.  I also needed some new material for the blog my sister & I created, When Idiots Fish.  The messages immediately started coming in.  Unfortunately it was a lot of the same old duds who I have absolute no interest in meeting.

One of the first messages I received that morning was from an artist here in New Orleans.  I didn’t really pay much attention to his message or his profile because there was no picture attached.  I state in my profile that I will not respond to profiles without pictures.  He must have missed that part.

Two days later he sent me another message, but this time he had a picture posted.  He said, “I finally figured out how to upload a pic so hopefully I can gain your attention.”  He was right.  He definitely had my attention this time.  I showed his picture to my sister and she said he looked a little goofy, but he doesn’t look goofy at all in person.  In fact, when I went out with him the first time, we walked around the quarter and talked, and ended up back at my place.  We sat on the balcony and talked some more.  When Art had to leave he passed by Manwhore who was sitting in the living room.  I had also shown Art’s picture to Manwhore earlier that day to see if maybe he knew him.  It’s part of my filtering system.  Since Manwhore knows a lot of people around here it’s always good to see if he knows the person I’m going out with and if they are a psycho or not.  Not that Manwhore is the best judge of character, but I figure it couldn’t hurt to check.  He didn’t know him.

After Art left that night, Manwhore told me, “He looks a lot better in person.  He’s a really good-looking guy.  I’d almost screw him.”  That caught me a little off guard.  I found it a bit odd that Manwhore would say something like that.

The next day Manwhore and I were talking about Art again and he said, “He’s got really pretty eyes, doesn’t he.”  What the hell?  I think Manwhore has a man-crush on Art!  After telling my sister what Manwhore said, she said, “I figured he was bisexual.  He just gives off that vibe.”  I can honestly say that the thought had never crossed my mind until he made those comments about Art.  I guess you never can tell, but knowing him the way I do, he’s probably just being a goofball as usual and trying to get a rise out of me.  Enough about that.

So…Art is genuinely a nice guy, funny, talented in both art & music, creative, intelligent, handsome, and hung like a horse.  And no, I didn’t find out about that last part until our third date.  I’ve been a very good girl lately.  I only have sex with one man at a time and I try to wait until at least the third date before even thinking about sex.  This new dating strategy is all so foreign to me.

After spending time with Art I realized something.  I actually had that “butterflies in the tummy” thing going on.  What the heck is that about?  I haven’t felt that in probably fifteen years.  Weird.  Even stranger is that I’ve become very paranoid about whether he really likes me and I worry that he will suddenly just stop calling/texting me.  I don’t know why I feel this way.  He hasn’t done anything to make me think that.  I think I’m just really interested in and attracted to him and am afraid I’ll somehow manage to screw it up.  I really don’t want to screw it up with this guy.  He’s the first normal, mature, attractive guy I’ve been out with in a very long time.

I’m praying that the butterflies in my tummy will settle down and I can just enjoy spending time with Art. 🙂

Happy humping!