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Threesomes galore!

Finally!  I’ve been promising to write about the rest of my threesomes for a while now.  So it’s finally here!

This all started when I wrote My Top 5 Threesomes.  As you can tell from the comments on that post, people asked me if I had a top five then how many were there in total.  That’s a good question and partly to blame for my slowness in writing this post.  It’s not easy remembering all this stuff.  My brain is fried on a good day and mushy banana pudding on a bad day.  I did my best to remember them all though.  So here ya go!

1.  My very first threesome was only that by a technicality.  Technically there were three of us there.  Two men (Bo & Luke) and myself.  They were two young guys that I met in Tennessee.  I had met Bo online and after talking a while, decided to invite him over to my place.  He showed up late one Saturday night with his friend Luke and we made a beer run right off.  I had to sit in his friend’s lap because his car was a two-seater.

Once we got back to my apartment I showed them around, turned on my stereo, and then they sat down on my bed.  They told me to come sit in between them, and I did.  While we were sitting and talking, Bo started giving me a back rub.  I was beyond nervous, but still managed to calm down enough to enjoy it and decide to just go with it.  They were both cute country boys and I enjoyed all the attention I was getting.

While Bo was giving me the back rub, Luke stole a kiss.  It was a very nice one too.  Then Bo started kissing my neck.  So I had Luke in front of me making out with me, and Bo behind me kissing my neck.  As Bo rubbed and kissed his hands started inching their way around to fondle my breasts.  He moved beside me so that then I had one of the guys on each side of me again.  My hands moved down to rub their crotches.  Feeling both of them getting hard at the same time was a completely new and surreal experience for me.  I knew I was enjoying it though.  A determination to see how far I could take things got the better of me and before I knew it their jeans were unzipped and cocks were roaming free.

I proceeded to jerk them both off simultaneously.  It was freaking amazing.  As I gave them hand jobs, they continued caressing and kissing me.  They came within seconds of one another.

2.  The next threesome involved my bisexual friend Rosie and her friend from college BoBo.  They were both a few years young than me, but we always had fun hanging out together.  Rosie actually confessed later on that she had a crush on me ever since we first me.  She was sweet, but crazy and childish sometimes.

Rosie had a party at her house one night and after doing a lot of drinking, smoking, and a little ecstasy, we ended up in her room after the party was over.  She was not shy and immediately started telling me to get on the bed with them.  She had already started making out with BoBo, and I didn’t hesitate to join in on the fun.

We ended up blowing him and then having sex with him.  She did a lot of fondling of my breasts and kissing me, but other than that it wasn’t anything too wild.  It was fun.  That’s all that really matters I guess.

I’ve got three more threesomes, but I don’t want this post to be huge, so you’ll just have to stay tuned for my next post. 🙂

Until then…

Happy humping!