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Welcome to the Whorehouse.

Welcome to the Whorehouse.  Maybe I should change the title of my blog to that.  It would be extremely fitting given my current living situation here with Manwhore, not to mention the city’s reputation.  He’s not the only whore in the Crazy-house though. (I’ve affectionately named our place the Crazy-house.)

I’ve been doing a bit of whoring of my own lately.  It all started the first week I was here.  I had started talking to a man on Plenty of Fish and found him very attractive and interesting.  I was looking at his pictures on the app on my phone when Manwhore came in.  He asked what I was looking at and I told him a little about the guy.  He said, “Let me see his picture.  I think I may know him.”  I showed him the guy’s picture and he did know the guy.  In fact he had known him since they were teenagers.  Well this was an unexpected situation.

I never would have thought that I might end up talking and/or dating a guy who Manwhore already knew.  Manwhore was all for me going out with the guy and said he was really nice.  I decided to give the guy a chance.  Since they already knew one another I asked him if he would like to stop by after he got off work and say hello to Manwhore.

The night that he was supposed to come by Manwhore had one of his women over.  This was Whore #3.  She’s the one who got sick and almost puked in his truck the next time she came over.  When my friend, BBD, came in the door, Whore #3 kind of gave me a dirty look.  I’m not sure why.  He and I hung out in my room for a while and talked until he had to leave.

I saw him a couple more times after that, but then one day I got a text from him.  It said that he was busy at work and had a lot going on in his life right now.  He also said that I shouldn’t wait around for him.  I took this as either he didn’t want to see me any more or he had met someone else.  That’s fine.  I moved on.

I went out on a few more dates with other people, but none of them seemed to be what I was looking for.

Then one day I had set up a lunch date with someone I had messaged on  I stupidly stood him up.  It wasn’t completely on purpose.  I forgot and had a migraine that morning.  Luckily for me he forgave me and we set up another time to meet.  This time I managed to make it there, almost on time.  He turned out to be really nice and a gentleman.  Yes, I said a gentleman.  There aren’t many of those left these days, but I managed to find one right in the heart of New Orleans.

I don’t want to tell you too much about him now because I’m going to have to dedicate a whole post to him.  For now though, I’ll at least tell you that he will be called LL Cool Bean.  😉

There’s more to come about Manwhore’s whores too!

Happy humping!

Love & Sex Q&A #9

Love & Sex9

When did you find out the most about what pleases you sexually and what was it that you learned?  Have you discovered more through long-standing relationships or through short periods of intimacy with different lovers?

When? Well that would probably be several years after I started having sex.  When I started I was too self-conscious to concentrate too much on what I liked.  I was more worried about whether I was doing it right.  LOL  Once I realized that I was doing a pretty good job and was supposed to enjoy it myself, then I was able to explore what pleased me.  And did I ever.  The number of one-night-stands alone gave me plenty of practice and opportunity to explore what I liked and definitely did not like.

The few long-term relationships that I had gave me the opportunity to explore even further into what I already knew I liked.  Also the comfort level that I had when I was with one person for a long time gave me the chance to open my mind and body to new experiences and techniques that I might have been too embarrassed to try before or didn’t even know existed.  Thank God for sexually experienced men.  They make the best teachers in the bedroom.

Happy humping!

Manwhore’s Whores: Stuck on repeat

Whore # 1 (returns)

I got home from my Christmas visit with the family on the 26th, the Monday after Christmas.  What do you think I came home to?  Yep.  Another whore, but this time it was a repeat whore.  According to Manwhore, Whore #1 showed up on his doorstep that morning saying that she was jobless, homeless, and had shipped her daughter to stay with her godmother in another state.  Why she didn’t go with her daughter, I do not know or understand.

Never mind all of that.  I walked in and saw this woman.  At the time I didn’t know who she was, just that she was another of Manwhore’s whores.  I later described her to my sister via text message.

Me:  Seriously!? Another ugly whore is Continue reading

My favorite post of 2011

Happy New Year boys and girls!  A new year has begun, but before the sun rises on the new year I’d like to present to you my favorite post of 2011.

As always, happy humping all year long!

In Love With Being a Slut

Depending on your definition of slut, I’m a slut.  I like The Reformed Slut’s post about the definitions of the term slut.   I also agree with her that the Urban Dictionary’s definition is the most accurate,  “a woman with the morals of a man.”  Since my birth into sluttiness many moons ago I have been told that I think and act like a man when it comes to sex.  I never took this as an insult.  I take pride in the fact that I love sex and treat it as both a beautiful and necessary part of life.  Moreover, I never plan on becoming a “reformed slut.”

I consider one advantage of being a slut is the joy of experiencing sex with a variety of  partners.  This gives way to sexual exploration into all types of fetishes, likes, dislikes, techniques, ages, sizes, races and creeds.

I’ve had the pleasure of exploring the sexual rainbow:  younger, older, larger, smaller, white, black, Asian, Hispanic, Native American, cut, uncut, Christian, Jewish, Buddhist, Atheist, rich, poor, married, single, dominant, submissive, highly educated, poorly educated, morons, geniuses, hot, average, below-average, male, female, straight, gay, bisexual, cross-dressers, sexually wild and sexually restrained.  Wow, that just brought back a flood of memories.  I think I need a drink now.

Overall I’ve learned that there is no such thing as normal when it comes to sex.  Being a slut is a state of mind, not necessarily a certain set of actions or behaviors.

Live your life and enjoy what God gave us, the wonderful act of sex.  Just be safe and have fun.

Happy humping!