Manwhore’s Whores: Stood Up

Oh, tonight, tonight, what to say about tonight?  It was a warm beautiful night in the Quarter and Manwhore and I went out to a local karaoke bar.  We were supposed to meet up with a potential Whore.  She was supposed to be there at 7:00 pm.  About 7:15 pm she sent him a text saying that she was trying to find parking.  While we were waiting he jokingly said that if she shows up and she’s ugly then he’s going to disappear and will just meet me back home.

At 7:45 pm she was supposedly parked and walking from about 10 blocks away.  Come 8:00 pm, she said she was three blocks away.  At 8:30 pm she still hadn’t shown up and wasn’t answering his texts.  At 9:00 pm she said she was in the bar.  Not true, or if it was true then she wasn’t looking too hard for us, or either she didn’t look anything like her pictures.  Manwhore was very frustrated by this point and was ready to leave, so we did.

Once we were home he got a text from her saying that she was at the bar, had sung a song, and was waiting on him.  By this time we both thought she was full of shit and just fucking with him.  He told her to lose his number.

At 10:00 pm we’re home and Manwhore’s backup hoe, Troll, showed up.  While she and Manwhore were on the balcony smoking, guess who showed up at our doorstep?  Yep.  The wanna-be whore who stood him up earlier.  She was downstairs calling his cell phone.  He wouldn’t answer of course because the Troll was right there on the balcony with him, and Troll is spending the night and going home in the morning.

Manwhore made it a point to come to my room and tell me that she was downstairs and was really pretty.  He was pissed.  Here he is stuck with the Troll now when he’s got a perfectly decent looking hoe downstairs, who even though she’s a crazy bitch, she’s here nonetheless.  Haha!  Oops, did I say that?  Fuck it.  LOL  What goes around, comes around, one way or another.

So, now he’s stuck with Troll for the night.

Happy humping!

4 thoughts on “Manwhore’s Whores: Stood Up

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