Saturday Night Random Thoughts

1.  I turned on my Pandora and  “I Like To Move It” by Reel 2 Real was the first song that played.  I get a tingly feeling when I hear that song.  It brings back one particular memory of when I was living back in Alabama.  I was 22 years old and living with my cousin, Elvis, for a few months.  Well, he isn’t actually my cousin, but we didn’t know that at the time.  That was during the pre-DNA-test time period.  During that time I found out that he was going through a sexual identity crisis.  In other words he had started having sex with men and thought he might be gay.  He later decided that he was not gay, got married, joined the marines, and had a couple of kids.  Could have fooled me, but to each his own.  I still wouldn’t be surprised if I see him on a TV talk show one day confessing that he’s been having sex with men on the “down-low.”

Anyway, while I was living there I met a friend of his who was a few years older than me.  Prior to my arrival in town, the guy, Frat Boy, was actually infatuated with Elvis’ twin sister and they had hooked up a couple of times.

One night when she was working Elvis and I had a little party at our place and Frat Boy was among the guests.  We got a little flirty that night, but nothing really happened other than us getting drunk and dancing our asses off.   The song “I Like To Move It” was one of his favorites and I’ll never forget how he would dance to it.  Imagine a preppy 90’s frat boy dropping it like it’s hot and doing the booty bounce.  Oh my, and he did have a nice booty.  I love a man with a nice ass.

Later that week, while Elvis was in his room sleeping, Frat Boy and I were hanging out watching a movie and somehow ended up having sex on the living room floor.  It’s such a nice memory.  He wasn’t perfect or particularly great at it, but I felt so naughty that I couldn’t help but enjoy it. 😉

2.  There are some very strange people in the French Quarter.

3.  Whore #8, the Troll, was back over here Wednesday and Thursday nights.  When she first came in with him I just sort of ignored them.  I wasn’t too surprised that he had her back over, but then again, not much that he does surprises me these days.  I woke up Thursday morning and he told me that she was staying here while he went to work.  He claimed he woke up too late to take her back home.

She stayed all day and then that night.  I woke up Friday morning and they were on the balcony smoking.  Just before LL came in from work, Manwhore and Troll left.  I guess he overslept again because he called her a cab to drive her the thirty-plus miles back home.  Now that’s some expensive troll-pussy.

4.  I feel so uncomfortable when I’m laying on the couch watching television, Manwhore is also there, and then LL Cool Bean walks in and joins us.  It’s like my whole body involuntarily tenses up.  Is it because I’m afraid LL will see Manwhore look at me the wrong way, or because I’m afraid I’ll slip up and he’ll find out about my past with Manwhore?  The hell if I know.  Maybe it’s all the above and then some.

5.  Since we’re talking about Manwhore already… The song “Without You” by David Guetta just came on and reminded me of something that happened earlier.  It’s more of an association once removed.  That song came on the radio when he and I were out driving around looking for an apartment back in November.  When it came on he turned it up and looked over at me and smiled his oh so charming, yet completely transparent and devious smile.  I’ll admit it made my heart skip a beat, but you have to remember, I was still in love with him at the time.  As I told you just over two weeks ago, I had a major breakthrough one night and actually turned Manwhore down for sex.

Tonight though, LL had left for work and I was laying on the couch watching a movie.  Manwhore was on his bed and was also watching the movie.  He started talking to me a little, which is more than we’ve talked all week.  I was a little surprised that he was being so chatty with me considering we had a rather nasty yet short argument Thursday night.

As I looked at the television I could see him out of the corner of my eye.  Every now and then he would get quiet and I could tell he was looking over at me.  I found myself actually enjoying the fact that his gaze kept turning towards me.  Secretly, I think I almost liked the thought of him wallowing in lust and confusion, wanting me, but knowing he can’t have me anymore.

Then it hit me.  I could easily have sex with him if I wanted to.  It wouldn’t have to be anything other than sex, just fucking, nothing more.  Even I know that’s impossible though, especially on my end.  I may not be in love with him anymore, but I do still love him.

Just the thought of having him inside me one more time made me horny though.  I’m not sure if it’s that I had a moment of weakness and actually wanted him, or the possibility of being able to get away with it, or the feeling of power that I get by knowing that I’m the one in control now.

Then reality set in.  After the parade of whores that I’ve seen come through here over the past two months, I don’t want his dick anywhere near me.  God only knows what’s crawling around in his sheets.  Thank God for moments of clarity and the temporary boosts of willpower.  Because without them, I might be in bed with him right now, instead of writing this post.

It’s late, and I’m sick, so Happy humping and goodnight!

2 thoughts on “Saturday Night Random Thoughts

  1. Avoid the gaze! (You might not want to say that line out loud)
    You enjoy the satisfaction that comes with knowing that you’re in control, ain’t nothing wrong with that. Just don’t do MW any “favors”.

    Love WM.

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