The hottest piece of ass I’ve ever had.

I got legs like whip cream…creamy, white and easy to spread.  LOL

The hottest piece of ass I’ve ever had…now it is not as easy as you might think to come up with this one.  I did though.  I was looking through my friends on Facebook and came across an old flame.  One look at his picture and memories began flashing through my mind.  He was not the best piece of ass I’ve ever had, but he was definitely the hottest by far.  It wasn’t just that he was a beautiful Asian man with black silky hair halfway down his back.  It wasn’t his long hair, great smile, or even his tight beautiful body.  It was his wit, charm, and sense of humor.  Oh, and that he was a Kung Fu black belt and gave me heart palpitations.

I was 25 when I met him.  He was an actor and comedian.  We went out to dinner and then went back to my place.  It started slowly with us sitting on the couch and talking.  When he went in for that first kiss I felt my heart pounding.  He was beautiful and funny and had a beautiful smile that made me melt.  We sat on the couch making out for a while and then he stood up and held out his hand.  He led me into the bedroom and onto the bed.

We continued kissing as we took off our clothes.  His body was hairless, smooth, and firm.  The sex was pretty damn good, but that wasn’t the most memorable part.  After we finished he began meditating, right there in the bed.  I was still young and naïve and didn’t really know what to think of it.  I asked him what he was doing and he told me that he liked to meditate after sex.  That was the one and only time I’ve ever had a guy do that after sex.  Usually they just pass out or leave.  LOL

Just in case you were wondering, I do have many of my ex-lovers and ex-boyfriends as friends on Facebook.  Some have found me and some I’ve found.  It always fun and interesting to find out what they look like now and what they’re up to.  I usually talk to them once or twice after accepting the friend request, then after that I just sit back and observe.  After all, there isn’t really that much to talk about now is there?  We met, we screwed, and we moved on.  That’s the way life goes.  If you don’t believe me, just ask Manwhore. 😉

Happy humping!

7 thoughts on “The hottest piece of ass I’ve ever had.

  1. “I got legs like whip cream…creamy, white and easy to spread.”
    OMG – as the kids say; HILARIOUS!!!
    Super post! I hope you find another guy capable of stirring you soul – and loins – like this demi-god did! You deserve it!

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