Emergency post!

Oh dear sweet baby Jesus in a manger!  You’re not going to believe this!

Manwhore and I were in the kitchen smoking a little earlier, and he started inquiring about whether LL Cool Bean and I were dating exclusively.  I told him that I didn’t think LL Cool Bean was the type to cheat.  I sort of avoided telling him that yes, we are monogamous.  I’m not sure why.  Maybe it was that come hither stare he was giving me.  Who knows.

He asked a few more times in a few more ways.  Then as I went into the living room to sit down, I realized what he wanted.  As I sat down I told him that I wasn’t stupid.  I knew what he wanted, and LL Cool Bean and I are monogamous.  He said “OK.”  That was it.  I told him goodnight and went to my room.

Did you get all that?  Do you understand what this means???  I’m over him!  I resisted temptation and did NOT sleep with him!  What makes it even more amazing and satisfying about my turning him down, is that I’m incredibly horny and I still said no.  This is a miracle from on high.

Happy humping!

7 thoughts on “Emergency post!

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  2. Clap, Clap, clap. I could hug you right now hun. Feels good doesn’t it. Don’t play games with him, be straight-forward and to the point. He’s testing the waters again to see how he compares to the new guy. If he can sway you then LL isn’t anything for MW to worry about. No offence, but this reminds me of what children do, you know where they try to take your shit, not because they actually want it, but simply because they don’t want you or anyone else to have it. I’m sure MW wants you, but only because someone else is there (and not as a placeholder for him).

    Go to bed smiling hun.

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