Love & Sex Q&A #9

Love & Sex9

When did you find out the most about what pleases you sexually and what was it that you learned?  Have you discovered more through long-standing relationships or through short periods of intimacy with different lovers?

When? Well that would probably be several years after I started having sex.  When I started I was too self-conscious to concentrate too much on what I liked.  I was more worried about whether I was doing it right.  LOL  Once I realized that I was doing a pretty good job and was supposed to enjoy it myself, then I was able to explore what pleased me.  And did I ever.  The number of one-night-stands alone gave me plenty of practice and opportunity to explore what I liked and definitely did not like.

The few long-term relationships that I had gave me the opportunity to explore even further into what I already knew I liked.  Also the comfort level that I had when I was with one person for a long time gave me the chance to open my mind and body to new experiences and techniques that I might have been too embarrassed to try before or didn’t even know existed.  Thank God for sexually experienced men.  They make the best teachers in the bedroom.

Happy humping!

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