Manwhore’s Whores: Stuck on repeat

Whore # 1 (returns)

I got home from my Christmas visit with the family on the 26th, the Monday after Christmas.  What do you think I came home to?  Yep.  Another whore, but this time it was a repeat whore.  According to Manwhore, Whore #1 showed up on his doorstep that morning saying that she was jobless, homeless, and had shipped her daughter to stay with her godmother in another state.  Why she didn’t go with her daughter, I do not know or understand.

Never mind all of that.  I walked in and saw this woman.  At the time I didn’t know who she was, just that she was another of Manwhore’s whores.  I later described her to my sister via text message.

Me:  Seriously!? Another ugly whore is here

Sis:  Omg

Me:  And I mean U.G.L.Y.

Two hours later she was cooking us dinner consisting of pork chops and sweet potatoes.  It was so greasy I wanted to puke.  After trying to eat my dinner with them I then retired to my chambers.  Keep in mind that at this point I still didn’t know who she was or that she was staying.

A couple of hours into hanging out with them she caught me alone and said that she wanted to thank me and Manwhore for letting her stay here.  WTF?  Stay here?  I then sent Manwhore a text message, trying to be discreet and not let her know that I was about to flip out on them.

Me:  Why didn’t you just tell me she was staying?

Manwhore:  I wasn’t sure if she was…she just showed up on my doorstep

Me:  Oh ok

The next morning before leaving for work, Manwhore came in to tell me that she just showed up and was jobless and homeless.  Then he explained who she was…that she was Whore #1.  After picking my jaw up off the floor and realizing that this woman was here to stay, I took some Tylenol and went back to sleep.

Later that morning I awoke to a sink overflowing with dirty dishes and Whore #1 sitting on the couch watching tv and eating chocolate cake for breakfast.  You’re probably thinking the same thing I was thinking.  This is about to get ugly.

It didn’t get ugly only because after having my morning coffee and ciggy I heard her on the phone later trying to get into a shelter for women.  Manwhore did take the time to text me and tell me that he had told her she had to leave that morning.  Thank God.

Whore #4 (returns)

Whore #4 made a final appearance also.  She came over on Tuesday night and hung out for a little while.  She seemed nice as usual.  She went home later that night.  The next morning Manwhore told me that he made her mad and she was through with him.  Good for her!  LOL  Actually though he was an asshole towards her and that’s why she said she didn’t want to see him anymore.

While they were talking she told him that she was part Lebanese.  His response, “Oh so you’re a towel-head.”  When he told me this my jaw dropped.  I couldn’t believe he would say something so stupid, even if he was just joking with her.  She didn’t take it as anything near a joke and told him goodbye for good.

Whore #6

He drove about 40 minutes to go see Bambi on Thursday night.  While he was there at her place he met her ex-boyfriend who is living with her and her children still.  Weird, but somewhat understandable, given the living situation I’m in with Manwhore.  I wanted to tell Manwhore right away that something wasn’t quite right with the situation, but he would have gotten mad at me if I did.

He then went out with her Friday night and then brought her here to the apartment.  She seemed nice, but then again most of them do.  She was somewhat attractive, but not his type at all.  She was supposed to stay over, but about 1:00 am she told him she needed to go home.  No explanation, just that.

They didn’t have sex.  Manwhore thought they were going to.  I know that because he told me later that she didn’t want to.  She bolted before he could really put any moves on her I guess.

Whore #7

This one we affectionately call Big Tits.  No, I did not make up that name for her, Manwhore did.  Friday night he went out with her.  Yes, the same Friday night that he went out with Whore #7.  He went to meet Big Tits before going over to Whore #6’s house.

Then on New Year’s Eve, he went out and then sent me a text telling me not to come out of my room because he was bringing Big Tits home to fuck later.  She stayed the night and then left before I woke up the next morning.  Oh, and she left the damn front door open!

Whore #2 (returns)

Yes, Whore #2 has returned.  Just yesterday morning I was hanging out with a friend in my room when Manwhore and Whore #2 came in.  I thought that Manwhore had gone to work, but it seemed he had only gone to pick her up and bring her here.

From the moment she walked in she had an attitude.  When I walked by her in the living room on my way to the kitchen, I felt icicles shooting into my back.  My friend said he could feel it too.  She was very unfriendly and borderline rude.  And to be completely honest I didn’t think she would ever be back over.  After Manwhore getting upset with her the last time and telling her she had to leave because she was drunk and obnoxious, he said he was done with her.

Once when I walked through the living room to the kitchen I saw her sitting with her face in her hands.  She looked upset or something, and Manwhore was in the kitchen cooking pork chops.  He didn’t say anything about her so I just ignored it and went about my business.  He seemed a little upset about something too, but I was afraid that if I said anything he would think I was being a smart ass again and get upset with me.

It was getting late and I thought she would never leave.  She was here all day and didn’t leave until almost ten.  He wouldn’t even drive her home, he just called her a cab.  So that was the end of my night with the Ice Queen and Manwhore and my new friend, more on him later.

After everyone left and it was just Manwhore and myself here I went out for a smoke and he came into the kitchen.  I said to him, “Are we going to have to have an intervention for you? You seriously have a problem.”  He just let out a faint chuckle, and that means that he knows I’m right.  Plus I noticed he’s getting a big gut.  For someone who is always obsessing over his looks, he sure has let himself go lately.

Damn, I hope she remembered to take her ugly jacket and shoes home with her this time.  Knowing her though, this time she probably left her underwear on the couch for me to see.

Happy humping!

2 thoughts on “Manwhore’s Whores: Stuck on repeat

  1. Wow.. what a busy guy. There’s no need to turn on a soap, your living one 😀 It definitely makes for good story telling though !!

    Happy New Year to you !!

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