My favorite post of 2011

Happy New Year boys and girls!  A new year has begun, but before the sun rises on the new year I’d like to present to you my favorite post of 2011.

As always, happy humping all year long!

In Love With Being a Slut

Depending on your definition of slut, I’m a slut.  I like The Reformed Slut’s post about the definitions of the term slut.   I also agree with her that the Urban Dictionary’s definition is the most accurate,  “a woman with the morals of a man.”  Since my birth into sluttiness many moons ago I have been told that I think and act like a man when it comes to sex.  I never took this as an insult.  I take pride in the fact that I love sex and treat it as both a beautiful and necessary part of life.  Moreover, I never plan on becoming a “reformed slut.”

I consider one advantage of being a slut is the joy of experiencing sex with a variety of  partners.  This gives way to sexual exploration into all types of fetishes, likes, dislikes, techniques, ages, sizes, races and creeds.

I’ve had the pleasure of exploring the sexual rainbow:  younger, older, larger, smaller, white, black, Asian, Hispanic, Native American, cut, uncut, Christian, Jewish, Buddhist, Atheist, rich, poor, married, single, dominant, submissive, highly educated, poorly educated, morons, geniuses, hot, average, below-average, male, female, straight, gay, bisexual, cross-dressers, sexually wild and sexually restrained.  Wow, that just brought back a flood of memories.  I think I need a drink now.

Overall I’ve learned that there is no such thing as normal when it comes to sex.  Being a slut is a state of mind, not necessarily a certain set of actions or behaviors.

Live your life and enjoy what God gave us, the wonderful act of sex.  Just be safe and have fun.

Happy humping!

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