Manwhore’s Whores: They not nuns, they hoes.

Welcome to the whorehouse.  We’re open from 5pm to 4am 7 days a week.  We’re currently running a special for those of you who are alcoholics.

Thus far Manwhore has had four five women over to the apartment.  It’s hard to keep up with them all so I’ve decided to blog about them.  😉  Here is a synopsis of each.  Oh, and I’m guessing this will become a continuing series of posts seeing as how Manwhore shows no signs of slowing down his dating marathon.

Whore #1

The first was before I even moved my stuff into the apartment.  She was a woman that he had never even met before and had only talked to online, via text, and on the phone.  She called him the night before I was supposed to get here and said that the man who she had been staying with got very aggressive and she and her daughter had to leave because they were afraid of him.  Now first of all, why was she on a dating site in the first place if she was already living with a man?  I’m guessing his anger management problems may have had something to do with finding out she was on a dating site.  Either way Manwhore felt sorry for her and told her she and her daughter could come here and stay, indefinitely.

When he first sent me the text telling me about the situation I was livid and looking for my bullets.  I hadn’t even moved in yet and he was moving one of his whores in, with her kid nonetheless!  I know I’m using the term whore loosely, but believe me when I say, it is used purely out of truth, anger, and shock.

So this woman and her daughter came and stayed here the night before I moved in.  The day that I was to move in Manwhore sent me another text apologizing.  He quickly found out that she was a mooch and her daughter was extremely annoying.  Thank God.  They were both gone by the time I got here.

Whore #2

The next whore woman in line was one who I met over a year ago while Manwhore and I were still in our “couple” phase.  We met her and a mutual friend at a local bar for dinner.  At the time I thought she was fairly nice, even if she did seem to be a heavy drinker who got really talkative.  So that was over a year ago.  One night about two weeks ago he brought her over to the apartment.  He had been pretty good about texting me to let me know he was  bringing someone over.  I knew she was coming and didn’t think much of it.

When she got here she seemed a little cold towards me and I wasn’t sure why.  At our first meeting we had a nice conversation and I thought we got along quite well.  That was not the case this time.  She was definitely not digging my being here with Manwhore.  He told me later that she was just a fuck to him and that’s all.  He wasn’t interested in having a relationship with her.  I don’t think he informed her of this.  She evidently has a habit of leaving things at his apartment in order to mark her territory.  This time she left her shoes and then later her leather jacket.

Every time she would come over she would get drunk and loud and really obnoxious.  The first time she made some comment to him about us being roommates and he flipped out and told her off and then took her home.  Of course he waited until after he had fucked her.  The last time she did almost the same thing and again he ended up taking her home early.  Her jacket and shoes are still here.  Too bad they are ugly.

So what does he do the next morning?  He crawls into bed with me.  Lord help me.

Whore #3

The next fine specimen is a very small, very loud woman from some backwoods part of the city.  I believe she’s what they call a swamp person.  If you’ve ever seen an episode of Swamp People then you know what I’m talking about.  Subtitles are often required.

The first time he brought her over I could tell immediately that she felt like she had something to prove.  So far these women all seem to have a problem with Manwhore’s living situation, mainly with me.  This one seemed to get an attitude as soon as he introduced me to her.  I just tried to be friendly and chit-chat a little before calling it a night and going to bed.  Once I got in bed though I got tired of hearing her annoying voice all the way from the other room and I sent Manwhore a text.  It simply said, “Please hurry up and take out the trash.”  He knew what I was talking about.  Unfortunately she passed out drunk and he couldn’t get her up to leave until 4am.  I thought for sure I had seen the last of her.

The next time she came over and hung out with him she once again got completely drunk.  Within an hour she had finished off one bottle of wine and then Manwhore, being the dumb-ass that he is, went to the store with her and bought her another bottle.

Once they got back she started working on the second bottle of wine.  After two more glasses she was lying on his bed passed out.  He was sitting on the bed and I was on the couch watching TV.  I looked over at him as he was telling her that she needed to get up so he could take her home.  He then looked at me.  I put my hands together against my cheek and said, “She’s gone nite nite.”  He chuckled, then he tried about four more times to wake her.  The last time she did wake up enough to get up off the bed.  Then without saying a word she started walking toward the bathroom with her hand over her mouth.

After ten minutes in the bathroom she came out and we went downstairs to Manwhore’s truck.  He asked me to come along so that he would have a witness just in case she decided to make up some story about him trying to rape her or something.  I thought it was a good call on his part because he really didn’t know her well and she was obviously a drunk.

We drove forty minutes to take her home.  Most of the way she just sat in the front seat.  About five miles away from her house we were stopped at a red light.  When the light turned green and he started to turn left she opened her door to vomit.  Manwhore freaked out and pulled over into a parking lot.  She was sick for another ten minutes.  At one point he said, “This is fucked up!”  That was true.  It was very fucked up, but even so we still managed to get her home and get rid of her.

Before we left her house I got into the front seat for the long ride home.  During the ride home we didn’t talk much, except for him bitching about her getting sick and almost puking in his new truck.  I only had one thing to say to him.  I said, “You’ve been driving all this way just for pussy?”  He just laughed.

When we got home we hung out watching TV until he started making moves on me again.  I guess it’s not too bad having a good dick available pretty much 24/7.  Somehow though I still find it really sick and twisted that I have to meet these women, see him get bored with them, dump them off, and then crawl into bed with me.  Better he gets in bed with me and not the trash I guess.

Whore #4

This woman is a 50-year-old who looks 60, unemployed and has her grown daughter living with her.  I was home one evening eating my humus when she and Manwhore came in.  She seemed a little too old for him, and definitely not his type physically, but overall she was very nice and respectable.

Then it got weird.  He asked me if I would like to join them for dinner and then go hear the Christmas carolers in the square.  My first thought was that he must be trying to get rid of her.  Why else would he ask me to come along?  I reluctantly went along with them.

On the unusually long walk to the restaurant I was walking behind them most of the way.  The sidewalks here are dangerously screwed up because the city is sinking.  I had to concentrate on not tripping on a chunk of sidewalk instead of trying to join in the conversation.  I did notice as we walked that she kept grabbing his hand to hold it and he kept trying to find reasons to let go of her hand.  It was a little amusing, and a little annoying at the same time.  I was extremely confused about why he asked me to come and I kept thinking to myself that I was going to tear him a new one for doing this to me.

Dinner wasn’t too awkward, until she asked how he and I met.  At that point I froze up and just looked over at Manwhore waiting for him to give her an answer.  If I had known what his answer was going to be then I would have just forced myself to answer the question.  He actually told her that we used to date.  I had no idea he was that stupid, or maybe he really is smart and was trying to run her off in his own way.  Either way, I think it worked.  She wasn’t nearly as talkative with me after that.

Our “date” with her finally ended when we got back home and he left to take her back home.  Once again I don’t understand why he feels the need to drive so damn far just for pussy.  He didn’t even get any that time.  Sucks for him.

Whore #5

This one’s visit was short and sweet.  I was sitting on the balcony as she crossed the street.  Manwhore ran downstairs to let her in.  My first thought was why does he keep picking these ugly women?  And why does he always have to bring them here?  This one he had never even met before and he was inviting her into the apartment.  Maybe it’s different for men, but I always try to meet someone for the first time in a public place before bringing them home to fuck.

I went into my room to work on some stuff and they hung out in the living room.  She was there about thirty minutes and then she left.  He then came into my room and said, “Whew! I was ready for her to go.  She talked way too much, and about stuff no one cares about.”  So there it is, another winner in Manwhore’s list of dating disasters.

Just hang tight.  I’m sure there will be plenty more to come.

Happy humping!

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