I’m a free bitch baby.

So here’s the lowdown on what I’ve been up to for the past couple of weeks.  I settled my workers comp claim with my former employer.  I helped my sister buy a new(ish) truck to replace her ragged old one.  (I had to make sure Little Bubba has a safe ride.)  I paid off some back taxes for the Preacher.  I went clothes shopping kind of on a whim.  I haven’t spent $300 bucks on clothes in probably ten years or more.  It was fun. 🙂  So that’s where my money has gone so far.

I kind of thought that once I got my wad of cash I would have ex-boyfriends coming out of the woodwork wanting a handout, but so far it’s been the complete opposite, and that’s a good thing.

My big purchase when I got my settlement was supposed to be my motor home, but my plans have had to be adjusted.  I didn’t get enough to buy one, so instead I’m going to find my own apartment somewhere and start job hunting.  That’s fine with me.  I don’t think I could fit all my stuff into a tiny motor home anyway.  I have found an alternative “happy gift” for myself.  When I was planning out my motor home dream I decided that I would need alternate transportation and started looking at mopeds.  I may not be getting the home on wheels, but I can certainly get the moped.  Actually I decided on a trike moped.  They are better for people like me who are short (5’2″).  I won’t have to worry about being able to touch the ground with my feet.  🙂  They look something like this:

Even better, my grandfather sells motorcycles and has three that he’s trying to get rid of, and he’s offered to sell me one below cost!  How awesome is that!  I love my PawPaw!  I’m supposed to go look at them and pick one at Thanksgiving while sis, Little Bubba, and I are up there visiting with the family.  Now I just have to start studying the 60-page motorcycle manual and pass the written and driving tests, and of course order my pink motorcycle jacket and helmet.  Wish me luck! 🙂  Oh, and once I get it I will definitely be posting pics!

So, that’s my new plan.  Other than that I’m just job hunting and apartment hunting.  My sis has decided to stay here through the end of January.  I think she’s not sure where she wants to go either.  I am mostly torn between two places.  One is a big city and the other is a big college town.  I’ll give you a hint about the big city…it’s very jazzy. 😉

Happy humping!

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