CSI: Podunk


After our night of drinking and fun on Saturday, I awoke with a headache at 8:30 am and found that sis had disappeared.  I later found out that she went over to her old man’s house at 6:00 am.  I took some medicine for my headache and went back to bed.

I woke up again at about 1:00 pm when the dog barked.  Sis had been home once already, but had gone back out for groceries.  I went into the living room and opened the front door.  As I went to open the screen door for her, she yelled, “No! Don’t let [the dog] in!”  Too late.  The dog, a Great Dane who we’ll call She-Ra, came bursting in.  As soon as She-Ra got inside sis yelled, “No! She’s bleeding!”  By that time she had left a trail of blood from the living room into my sister’s bedroom.  So much for our security deposit.

Not our She-Ra, but very similar looking. She's one big ass dog.

We got a hold of She-Ra and tried to hold her still so we could see where all the blood was coming from.  Sis found a tiny cut on her right back leg.  Sis said that a vein must have been hit because she had never seen so much blood come out of such a small wound.  We did the best we could to wrap it up with a washcloth and some horse wrap that I got out of the horse trailer.

While sis held She-Ra still as best she could, I got to work on scrubbing the blood out of the carpet.  It looked like a crime scene.  If anyone had come in at that moment they would have certainly thought that we had just killed someone and had hidden the body.  I scrubbed and scrubbed, but it didn’t seem to be doing much good.

Sis was still holding She-Ra down and as long as she stayed still it didn’t seem to bleed as much, but just in case, we decided to put her in the kitchen and put the baby gate up so that she couldn’t get out.  Sis had to go to the barn and feed so I was left in charge of watching the dog.  Since She-Ra was in the kitchen I figured I’d do some dishes while I kept an eye on her.  Not fifteen minutes after sis left She-Ra got up and started moving around.  I tried to stop her and get her to lay back down, but she’s not well-trained.  When she started moving around, blood started gushing out of the wound again.  Our bandage was sliding down and I could see blood squirting out of the wound.  It was disgusting.

I managed to get her to sit still long enough for me to call sis in a panic.  I told her that she needed to get back home because She-Ra was going to bleed to death if she didn’t.  I’m not very good with animals, blood, or crises.  By the time sis got back home this is what she found.  (If you’re squeamish around blood, don’t look.)

I had already started trying to clean up some of it when I took this picture. There was a lot more. Notice the huge puddle of blood in the back room.

A close-up for those of you that would like a better view. Personally I almost puked and couldn't stand to look at it.

It was awful.  There was blood all over the kitchen floor and into the laundry room in the back.  As you can tell things were a little disheveled due to our state of panic.  And the smell was terrible.  I never knew what blood really smelled like until now.  I do not like it.

When sis got back she started calling vets trying to find one that was open or available.  It was Sunday, and most vets are closed, but usually they have emergency services.  She couldn’t find a single vet in a 120 mile radius that was available.  They were all either out of town or just didn’t answer their phones.

We finally found and E-Vets in a city an hour away.  They said they would be there waiting on us.  By that time She-Ra had been bleeding heavily for at least three hours.  We got her into the backseat of my sister’s car and took off.  Sis had her hazard lights on and was driving about 80 mph most of the way there.  There was a moment when I was leaning back holding a towel on She-Ra’s leg and I saw the bloodied blanket and towel, and I thought, this is just like that scene in Reservoir Dogs.  You know.  The one in the car where Harvey Keitel tells Tim Roth, who’s been shot, that he’ll be OK.

We got to the E-Vet and took She-Ra inside.  The vet came out to look at her and then they took her back for x-rays.  A half-hour later the vet came out and got us.  We went back to look at the x-rays and She-Ra had a fractured fibula.  The vet said that it almost looked like she had been shot with a BB gun, but she couldn’t see any shrapnel or a BB.  She-Ra did have what appeared to be an exit wound on the opposite side of her leg though so the BB gun theory is our best guess.

An hour later She-Ra was all bandaged up, doped up, and shot full of antibiotics.  She was ready to go home and so were we.  So $450 dollars later we had a 105 pound guard dog with a broken leg.  Moving her when she is full of pain meds is no easy task, but we managed to get her into the car yet again.

Earlier in the day when sis was trying to find a vet, I was looking around out on the back deck and found even more puddles of blood.  I also found a trail that went all the way down the steps and on the stepping-stones leading up to the steps.

What confuses me is that if she was shot with a BB gun at close range, why didn’t I hear our other annoying dog barking?  That dog stays outside and barks at anything that moves.  I have seen people riding four-wheelers into the woods nearby, so I suppose it could have just been a kid playing around.  Maybe it was just a stray shot.  Who knows.  One thing is for sure though, if I ever see anyone lurking around our house with a BB gun, they had better run.  Because it won’t take me but a minute to get out my .38 Special.  I’m not going to take any chances on my nephew or any of our other animals getting shot.

Happy humping!

8 thoughts on “CSI: Podunk

    • Thank you! I’ll have to go pick up a few cases tomorrow. LOL It really is that bad. My sister’s room still looks like a crime scene. She has that Berber carpet and it’s a cream color…not good for hiding blood stains.

  1. Oh poor dog , how awful..she must have been in terrible pain. I am glad that you managed to find a vet and even though it cost a lot at least dog was no longer suffering. Well done girls! You should be proud of yourselves

    • Thank you P! She’s doing much better today. We changed her bandage and she just laid there like everything was cool. She’s getting around a little better too and eating more. She didn’t hardly eat anything yesterday, and for a dog that big not to eat definitely means she wasn’t feeling good.

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