Holy Mother of Pearl…we have a weiner.

Just when I thought my fishing was almost done for the day, I got a new message on POF.  The message was from a man who is probably a very nice person who just comes across as very creepy.  The message was as follows:

“Hello I like red heads is it true what they say about prechers daughters”

First of all, you spelled preacher’s wrong.  Secondly, I’m glad that you like red-heads.  We’re so often discriminated against.  Thank you for your support.  Thirdly, you forgot the periods.  They go at the end of a sentence like this.  Lastly, yes, everything that you’ve ever heard about preacher’s daughters is true and then some.  (I felt sorry for him so I had to appease him with the last one.)

Happy humping!

5 thoughts on “Holy Mother of Pearl…we have a weiner.

  1. What’s a Redhead Supremacist?
    Would you date one if they were your biggest supporter?

    Sorry I was watching Glee and Emma’s OCD was brought on by her Redhead Supremacist parents. And then I read this post, so yeah.

    All jokes aside, nice guys don’t need proper grammar, they just need to a chance (to get out of the “friend zone”).

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