Sexy Saturdays: Barbie vs. the Preacher’s Daughter

I’ve decided to jump on the Sexy Saturdays bandwagon.  It should be fun.  Anytime I get to talk about sex, I’m a happy girl.  So here’s my first post on Sexy Saturdays.  Also, I’m loving this song Love of My Life by Erykah Badu.  I like to listen to Pandora while I write.  Maybe that’s why it takes me so long to get a post written. 😉

I saw this article (The plastic surgery a model needs to look like Barbie) on Yahoo! today and it caught my attention.  Growing up I was a Barbie fanatic.  I had the dream house, the 3-story town house, the cars, the pool, the exercise equipment (not that she needed it), and the hundreds of outfits and shoes so she could look good during it all.  Yes, I was spoiled rotten as a kid.  I remember one Christmas my grandmother let me pick what I wanted out of the Sears Christmas Wish Book and I picked a huge box set of Barbie clothes.  I swear it probably had at least a hundred pieces of clothing, shoes and accessories in it.  It was awesome!  (Sorry…had an inner child moment.)

So to get to my point here…I found the article and realized that growing up surrounded by all of those skinny perfect little Barbie dolls had definitely had an impact on my psyche.  I am like most women in that I have body issues.  When I was growing up I never was the perfect little cheerleader type, but I wasn’t obese either.  I just had a little baby fat here and there that I wished wasn’t there.  Today, not much has changed.  I’m the same size now that I was in high school twenty years ago.  I still have a little meat on my bones and junk in my trunk.  The only difference is that now I don’t mind it so much.  Now I love my curves.  Of course like most women, I always look at myself and see what could be made better, but I think that’s fairly normal.

And then I read SingleWhiteAlcoholic‘s post Coming Soon, actually it was mainly the picture that he posted, and it hit me.  Unfortunately, men don’t seem to catch on to the fact that real curves are good until years after women realize it.  So we are constantly waiting for men to catch up to us mentally and physically. I’m not saying that SingleWhiteAlcoholic is immature or shallow, I’m just saying that his posting of pictures like the one to the left proves that many men, and women too, want something that is not natural.  I mean come on…those aren’t real. LOL

I believe that’s why so many real women date older men.  That’s what it takes to find someone who is on their same level.  It’s worked for me, my sister, and many of my female friends.  Therefore, I don’t see how I could be completely wrong on this one.  Wait, I can guess what you’re thinking.  I know my luck with men hasn’t been that great lately, but don’t judge me completely by that.  In the past I have had very good luck with men overall, even with my obvious physical handicaps, or at least that’s how the media sees them.

I know that I have not in the least bit tried to hide the fact that I can be a very shallow person when it comes to outer beauty.  However, I do believe that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, it’s what’s inside that counts, blah, blah, blah.  Still, here are some pics of women who are not only beautiful, but are not wanna-be Barbie dolls with fake boobs and fake tans and fake hair.  By the way, these beautiful women are about the same size and weight as I am.  I found the pics on a modeling website called Model Mayhem.  Great site by the way.  So if you were thinking that I was a Barbie twig and that’s why I have been able to hook up with all these guys, you were wrong.  I’m a complete package, a four-eyed, smart, sometimes funny, sexy slut with real curves.

This is just plain hot.


Also beautiful. Can you believe that she's considered a Plus Size model? I don't understand that.

Too cute.

Disclaimers: I love beautiful women just as much as I love beautiful men.  I think I’ve proven it by posting pics of them in some of my past posts.  You won’t find any anorexic looking women on my blog though.  If you’re born thin, then that’s fine, but please don’t starve yourself to fit into anyone’s picture of what beautiful should look like. 

I also love SingleWhiteAlcoholic’s blog.  He’s funny and has great stories.  Over time I have just noticed that he seems to like his women with big ol’ boobies, in a bikini, usually blond, and super skinny.  Love ya SWA!

OK, I’m done ranting. Can I call that a rant?  It was more of a soapbox speech I suppose.  It’s late/early and I think I’m starting to get delirious.  I guess I’ll stop now.  I hope there aren’t too many typos and I didn’t ramble.  I’ll check it tomorrow.  Damn, I’m rambling now.  Goodnight. 😉

Happy humping & stay beautiful!

13 thoughts on “Sexy Saturdays: Barbie vs. the Preacher’s Daughter

  1. Great post. I know what you mean about growing up with all those ideas of what women should look like…..Barbie’s too (I have 2 daughters & 1 step-daughter)…it’s crazy. Yes, there are alot of men out there that can only see those types of women (to each his own I guess), but to me…women period, are beautiful no matter what. The one that you posted from his blog is the most unattractive one of them all to me. You ladies are the best in my book.

    • Thanks! I’m glad that, being a dad especially, you’re tuned into how all the media crap can shape and misshape a young girl’s body image. It’s important for girls to be healthy, but not obsessed with looks all the time. There’s so much more to life than just having the perfect body.

  2. This is a dangerous topic for me to comment on and be honest and poignant, but since I’m brave I will.

    Unhealthy body images are running rampant all over the media, but the average person is over a healthy weight.

    If the average overweight man cannot find these girls attractive, he’s screwed. Curves are sexy, but not too much curve.

    I personally don’t find any of them sexually appealing, save the teal bikini, so, therefore I work hard at the gym and eat right so I can attract a woman with a body I find sexually appealing.

    If you’re happy with your body great, if you aren’t, change it.

    • I knew it was a dangerous topic when I wrote it, and it wasn’t easy to write. I’m glad I did though. We are blessed with the freedom of speech and to not use it would be a sin. I’m so happy that you felt that you could freely express your opinions here. 🙂 Everybody has them and there’s nothing wrong with that. Just like everyone is attracted to different things. There’s no one right or wrong thing to be attracted to, and that’s why it’s so great that people come in all shapes, sizes, and colors. There’s something for everyone. 🙂

  3. Yay for real women of all shapes and sizes! 🙂
    My husband happens to have a thing for bigger women and curves which is good for me. He is 10 months younger than me, too, so I guess he is the exception. 😀
    I know he would find the 3 women you posted pictures of really sexy.

  4. What? Me?? Shallow??? NEVER! 😉

    In my defense, while I certainly would vouch that the model in the pic (Valerie Cormier) is quite attractive, I’m not quite as obsessed with the pornstar physique as my site might lead you to believe. But sex does sell, and many a man (and woman, probably) seem to like when I post those pics.

    Personally, I’ve always preferred taller, leaner women with athletic bodies. Breast size has never meant much to me, I’ve always been about shape. One of the hottest girls I ever hooked up with was a straight A-cup, and if you read my saga of Elizabeth Reid you’ll see I described her as fairly flat chested as well.

    My current girlfriend is the first girl I’ve ever been with who had large breasts. She had reduction surgery several years ago and now has absolutely amazing D-cups (hope you’re not reading this, honey!), great size AND shape. And she has a smattering of freckles on her cleavage that drives me absolutely wild!

    My final point would be that women aren’t all that different than men when it comes to lusting for the unobtainable. Notice you never see a fat offensive lineman doing underwear commercials, it’s always the sexy quarterback. And I’ve never heard a woman say she just has to see the new Jack Black film the way they talk about Daniel Craig or Brad Pitt’s latest flick. We all have fantasies, but at least for me it’s never interfered with living in the real world.

    Love you too, PK! Keep up the good work!

    • I take offense to that. I would love to bang Jack Black. He’s damn sexy. 😉 And thanks for loving the skinny chicks. They need love too!

  5. Thanks for the hot pictures! You might also like Mjukhet (NSFW), which apparently means “softness”. I like it anyway.

    I tried to leave this comment before but I think it was probably trapped in your spam filter; it does look like spam, I have to admit, and for some reason it went as anonymous rather than from me.

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  7. I was a flat-chested tomboy until my mid 20’s. Played volleyball, ran track, the whole deal. I had this mental glitch where I felt the need to take on guys and beat them on their own terms, and since I was the only girl in my family ( all male cousins, uncles, etc) there was plenty of people to compete with.
    Then I got married and had babies and grew boobies, mostly in that order. II love looking and feeling like a woman.I love the way he devours my mommy curves. I love having meat on my bones , but I do miss seeing my cheekbones.
    Yeah, cheekbones would be nice.

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