Love & Sex Q&A #7

Love & Sex7

Is it important to you to have a particular kind of wedding?  If so, under what circumstances would you be willing to forgo that type of ceremony, or even elope?

This one is easy.  As long as a groom and a ring involved and it’s legal then I’m happy.  Not that I’m looking to ever get married again, but if I do find Mr. Rightdick that’s what I need at my wedding.

My first wedding was me, the groom, his psycho mother, and a justice of the peace at the courthouse in downtown Brooklyn.  I was wearing jeans and a t-shirt.  He was wearing jeans and probably some ugly shirt.  There are no pictures for evidence or to back up my story.  I do have  the marriage certificate though.

My second and last wedding was an actual wedding.  I planned most of it and it was almost exactly what I wanted.  I did have to work within a tiny budget, but it turned out nice anyway.  It was sort of an Irish/celtic themed wedding.  Feel free to laugh.  Thankfully I didn’t go the completely cheesy route.  My wedding dress was white with dark green accents.  The bridesmaids dresses were dark green too.  Overall it was a beautiful wedding.  My mom’s friend took care of the flowers and did a great job with the Preacher’s small country church.  She put in lots of greenery and it had a forest-like feel to it.

Yes, the Preacher officiated the ceremony.  Who else could I get to do it for free?  LOL  He walked me down the aisle, gave me away, and then took over to do the rest of the ceremony.  My grandfather started it off, but then turned it over to the Preacher once we got up to the altar.  The only thing that I really remember about the ceremony was that my soon-to-be husband and my daddy were both just about in tears the entire time.  Meanwhile, I stood there like it was no big deal.  I was happy, but I didn’t want to turn into a crybaby and mess up my makeup. 🙂

I’ve already had my big wedding.  I don’t think I’d want to go through all that stress again.  I’ve never been fond of the idea of eloping, but if I found the right man and the time was right, then I may be tempted to do it.

Now if I could just keep a man as long as I keep the rings, I’d be doing good.  Currently I have a collection of four engagement rings.  If I had a ring for every proposal then my collection would be much larger.

Happy humping & remember to get a prenup!

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