Archive | September 30, 2011

Woodworking with the Preacher’s Daughters

Last Sunday my sister and I had to go get her desk from her co-worker’s house and move it to our house so that she could start working from home on Monday.  That sounds simple enough doesn’t it?  Not hardly.

The desk that we had to move was one that the Preacher built for her several years ago.  Yes, the Preacher is a carpenter just like Jesus.  I have my doubts about whether or not he is as good a carpenter as Jesus was though.  Maybe it’s just things that he makes for his family.  He does a really good job when making things for other people.

This desk that he made for Fallen Angel is eight feet long and L-shaped.  It was a nice desk and it served its purpose well.  When he built it my sister was living in my parent’s basement.  The basement is about 1,000 square feet and fully finished.  The desk was in the basement living room which is huge and had no walls to really get in the way.  The same is not true for out small house that we are renting.

To get to Fallen Angel’s home office you have to go through a tiny hallway and around two corners.  I’m not very good at geometry or any kind of mathematical computations, but even I knew that there was little to no chance in hell of getting that desk into that room in one piece.

Once we got the desk off of the back of the truck and Continue reading