Archive | September 28, 2011

Tequila vs. the Haircut: Tequila wins every time.

A couple of weeks ago I had planned on getting a haircut because I really need one.  I’m starting to get a little bushy on the sides since the girl who cut it last time didn’t know what the hell she was doing.  She cut it so short that I was dangerously close to being mistaken for a boy.  I wanted it short, but not that short.  That was over a month ago and it’s grown out a bit since then.  The sides and back are shaggy and need cleaning up.

That friday I drove an hour to pick up the mail and to make a deposit for my dad.  While I was there I was going to stop by my mom’s hairdresser’s shop and see if she could fix it.

After running all of my errands I decided that since I was supposed to go with my sister to the trail ride/concert/party that Saturday night, I needed alcohol.  I wasn’t actually going for the trail ride part, just the drinking & partying parts.  Don’t misunderstand.  I can ride.  I just choose not to.  Plus I’m so damn short that it takes a ladder or step stool just for me to get on a horse.  Instead of humiliating myself I choose instead to Continue reading

Star light, star bright

I was out on my back porch earlier having a cig & a glass of wine.  As I listened to the crickets chirping, looked up at the night sky full of stars, and watched the lightning storm in the distance, I began to think about how my life might be in twenty or thirty years.

Every time I try to imagine myself as an old woman, all I see is me and my little sister living together in my grandparents’ old farmhouse back in Alabama, and driving each other crazy.  I picture my red hair intermingled with white hair, my skin wrinkled, and my smile tired.  I’ll have a unique fashion sense (meaning bizarre ;)) and being a single old woman, I can pretty much do whatever I want and not have to worry about what other people think of me.  I love that part.  Hell, if I want to go to Wal-Mart in my fur coat, pajamas, and flip-flops, then I’ll damn well do just that.

My life is quiet and simple, yet full of family and friends.  Holidays would be like they once were when my grandmother was still alive.  There would be lots of good home-cooking, none of which I would have cooked.  I leave the serious cooking up to my sister.  I would do the dishes afterwards though because she hates doing dishes, as I well know.

My nephew would bring his wife or girlfriend over to visit, and maybe they’ll even have a couple of kids.  My cousins would come over with their kids.  Of course my little brother would come over late after getting off work at the hospital.  He’ll be a doctor by then.  He’s feisty, but smart.  If I’m lucky or blessed or both, then maybe my parents will still be around to enjoy all that with my sister and me.

I never can picture what I’m doing for work other than just this, writing.  Maybe that’s my calling in life.  Then again, maybe not.  LOL  I believe that as long as I have my friends and family around me, I’ll be just fine.

So as I wish upon a star tonight, I hope all of your nights are filled with beautiful star light.

Happy humping!