The Preacher’s Daughters on child rearing

The other day as my sister and I were driving to town we saw a very small child run out into the road.  The child was probably less than two years old.  On the side of the road was a car, two men working on the car, and a woman sitting down next to the car.  This car just so happened to be parked in the driveway of the alleged local crack house.

As we sat stopped in the middle of the road to avoid hitting the wandering toddler, the “mother” looked up and saw us and then the child in the road.  She quickly jumped up and went and grabbed the child by the arm and began to spank him.  I use the term spank rather loosely because what she did bordered on beating.

How can you justify spanking/beating a toddler for running out in the middle of a busy road?  The “mother” is the one who should have been beaten!  If she had paid attention to what her child was doing instead of sitting on the curb drinking a cold one, smoking and talking to her buddies, the poor kid wouldn’t have made it into the road to begin with.

My sister and I sat in the car and watched, horrified and angered by what we were witnessing.  We both yelled “why the hell is she beating the poor kid?”  The “mother” did look over at us again and saw the look of disgust and anger on our faces.  She pulled the child back over to the curb with her and sat back down.

My sister and I aren’t the types who easily go into any kind of rage, but we were both ready to call DHS (Department of Human Services) on this woman.  I was wishing that I had brought my Saturday night special with me so that I could at least scare some sense into the woman, but it was at home, which was probably better for all of us.  I am a redhead after all, and although my temper may make me more hot-headed than the average person, that had nothing to do with the fact that the woman was a moron who should not be allowed to have children.  My sister and I both agreed that if there hadn’t have been two shady looking guys standing there at the time we would have given that woman a piece of our minds, not that we can afford to, but she needed it.

Just to make it clear…I’m not against spanking a child.  I know some people think it’s wrong, but my parents spanked me and it seemed to work well for them.  Even though I don’t have my own children, I know that there is a difference between spanking and beating.  A parent shouldn’t spank a child out of anger, but out of love and discipline.  I have been a babysitter long enough to learn a few things.  Over the years I’ve been the babysitter for my cousins, sister, little brother and now my two-year-old nephew.  I may not want to have kids of my own, but I still like them nonetheless and don’t want to see any of them hurt.

One last thing…I did contact my local DHS about the incident.  I don’t care what anyone says, that child needs to be checked up on to make sure that he/she is in a good stable home and not being mistreated or neglected in any way.  What that woman (I don’t even like calling her a mother) did was wrong and she is the one who should have been disciplined.

Goodnight, Happy humping and be good to your kids!

7 thoughts on “The Preacher’s Daughters on child rearing

  1. I’m glad you all agree with my calling DHS. I know some people think that it’s wrong to get involved, but I think that it’s better to call and let DHS make sure that the kid is ok rather than not calling and finding out later that something awful has happened.

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