Love & Sex Q&A #6

Love & Sex6

Are you more attracted to people whose personalities are similar to yours or very different?  What differences attract you and why?

That’s a complicated question, because I’m a complicated gal.  I think I’m attracted to people with certain personality traits that are similar to mine.  I also think that those aren’t always the best personality traits to be attracted to.  They are just familiar and comfortable for me.

I have found that I am very attracted to people with personality traits that are completely opposite to mine as well.  Traits such as being outgoing, talkative, and not self-conscience attract me because they tend to make me more open to acting on those subdued traits in myself.  I’m usually shy and quiet at first, but once I get to know someone or am very comfortable with a person then I can be a chatterbox and outgoing myself.

Certain personalities just don’t work well together.  A perfect example is EB and myself.  His incessant talking about things that didn’t interest me wasn’t his fault, but it annoyed me and we just didn’t work well together.  EB had a knack for bringing out the worst in me and me in him.  I had the same problem with Bobblehead Nerd, my 1st ex-hubby (more on him coming soon), and Yankee Cowboy.

Manwhore and myself are an example of the opposite.  We have some very similar traits and some very different ones.  However, even though he is the outgoing one who can make people laugh and I’m the quiet shy one, he can bring out the best in me and I can bring out the best in him.  Other examples of men who I’ve similarly been attracted to are BSL, Soulmate, and my 2nd ex-hubby the Ox.  Not all the men who I’ve been with have been complete assholes, although they all have their moments.  LOL

In the case of Manwhore, we both love sex, the chase, and the thrill of meeting and being with someone new.  In other words, we are both sluts.  This may be alright for us separately or as friends, but it won’t work for people who are trying to have a relationship.  He and I also both have a problem with commitment and we both tend to feel tied down when in a relationship.  For us to lose our freedom is possibly the worst thing we could imagine living with.  I know it’s silly, because in a good relationship two people are thoughtful and respectful of one another and their personal space.  Maybe we’ve been hurt too many times or are just getting old and set in our ways.  Either way, it’s a problem.

I think opposites do attract when it comes to personalities, but I believe that people still have to have enough in common so that they can converse and not get bored with one another.

Feel free to leave your answer to this question in the comments below.  Thanks! 🙂

Happy humping!

One thought on “Love & Sex Q&A #6

  1. i think I could write a book on ‘meeting the wrong kind of person’ I have done that all my life and thankfully now at 72 I can say ‘he’s my kinda guy’

    no more doubts,

    absolute certainty and yet he is not the one I would have chosen.

    Best of Luck PD

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