Someone like you…only better.

My life feels very stale right now.  I’m living with my sister & nephew, and spend most of my time babysitting him while she’s either at work or running around feeding her horses.  The small town that I live in is probably my least favorite of all the places I have ever lived in.  My social life has been beyond dull lately.  I’m man-free again.  I actually miss Manwhore sometimes and the sex and entertainment that he provided me.  He lives in a big city with plenty of fun things to do.  I miss that so much.

I feel like I’m just standing still watching the world go by.  I have too much time to think about everything that has happened over the last couple of years, and what could have been.  I don’t want to think about all that stuff though.  I know it’s a waste of time.  That doesn’t stop my mind from wandering back there though.

My little flings with people like Skaterboi, EB, and others who I haven’t talked about yet, well, they are just fillers while I search for the “one,” if he even exists.  I actually thought at one point that Manwhore could have been the “one,” but we are too much alike.  If I could find someone like Mawhore, only better, then I would probably be a happy girl.  Manwhore did have a lot of qualities that I like.  Unfortunately he had a few overwhelming qualities that I hated.

Since I moved in with my sister we have had several conversations about my past relationships and flings.  In fact she reminded me of a couple of guys who I had completely forgotten about.  It’s always a little embarrassing when I find out that I slept with someone and don’t even recall the person or that we had sex.  The last time this happened we were talking about a guy I met New Year’s Eve 2008.  It wasn’t until she mentioned him that I remembered meeting him that night.  I didn’t even remember that he & I went out on a date the next night.  Well, it wasn’t really a date.  We just met at a bar for drinks.  It was a hotel bar.  We got a room, had sex, and I’m not sure what happened to him after that night.  I think I changed my cell phone number.  He must not have been good in bed.

Since my sister thinks that my taste in men sucks, she offered to set me up with a guy she had found online.  Originally she was going to go out with him, but that never happened.  She figured out early on from talking to him that he and she were not compatible.  She assured me that he and I were a great match.  I went and met him Thursday night.  He was nice & we had a lot in common, but I just wasn’t feeling any tingly vibes or anything.  I guess her matchmaking skills aren’t going to work so well for me.

Moving on.  No more slobs, not-so-attractive types, losers, or big boys.  Normally I don’t discriminate in the looks department (because it’s whats inside that really counts [snickering]), but I feel a shallow phase coming on.  I want something kind of like this…;)

Got moves like Jagger & a face like Levine? Call me.

Happy humping!

8 thoughts on “Someone like you…only better.

    • I find them all over & sometimes they find me. I would love a change of scenery, but that’s not possible right now. I have obligations to fulfill right now.

  1. I thought that the idea of going to your sisters was for a bit of R & R. This is what you are getting but you are finding it boring.

    It has always been my belief that if you go out ‘looking’ for a man you will always get the wrong kind….SO…stop looking and waiting…just live a normal life ( Not possible for you though I think) and Mr Right will come along in his own sweet time.

    The trouble is that because you have a list of what he should be like you may be passing by the one great love of your life. I was told by a clairvoyant..Not to judge a book by its cover’ and that is so .

    • I had hoped for some r&r when I moved up here, but between my sister & nephew I haven’t gottem much of that. It’s not boring because I have nothing to do, it’s boring because I have too much to do, but it’s not anything that really interests me. Also it’s such a small town that the chance of making new friends is low to none.

      Since EB I’ve stopped looking for a man. I’ve not been on any more dating websites and really don’t even care if I meet anyone right now. It is always nice to have friends to do stuff with though & that’s what I really miss. And as far as my list goes, it’s not set in stone. I go through shallow phases, but I never completely judge a book by its cover. Believe me, if I did, then I wouldn’t have dated half of the men who I’ve dated. LOL

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