Just Blow Me: Oral Sex Tips

I found these two videos on YouTube while researching another topic.  Don’t worry, you’ll find out what that topic is in another post coming soon.  🙂  These videos are not only informative, but also very easy to understand.

I know I’ve talked about oral sex before, but this is like the Cliffs Notes version for lazy folks like myself. 🙂  Doing your homework and research is great and all, but sometimes you need some good quick info.  So here it is.

This first video covers a little of each…oral for men and oral for women.  This is the first time that I’ve heard of Jaiya, and so far I love her.  She gives great advice and instruction.

This next video features Eddy giving advice on giving great blow jobs.

Happy humping (and blowing)!

4 thoughts on “Just Blow Me: Oral Sex Tips

  1. How about advice for men RECEIVING a blow job? Don’t just lay there guys. We tell you guys faster slower harder etc…

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